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We made the difference.

Paper for Food: Doar bem à 1ª

In the context of the Sustainability policy of Millennium bcp, which intends to develop actions that promote a culture of socially participation and active citizenship, was recently performed the campaign " DOar bem à 1ª ".

This internal action, addressed to all the Employees of "DO - Direção de Operações (Operations Division)" in Portugal and that took place between the months of September and October, had as its main objective collect paper donated by employees of this Division, and was held in the framework of the campaign "Papel por Alimentos (Paper for Food)" - organized by "Banco Alimentar (Food Bank)" - in which each tone of donated paper corresponds to 100.00 euros for basic food products.

This initiative constitutes, in addition to a good example of involvement with the internal and external community, the materialization of principles of solidarity and corporate social responsibility, revealing also a strong environmental commitment.

The campaign, which allowed us to collect close to 5 tons of paper, gave the "Banco Alimentar" the possibility of acquiring 1,000 liters of Milk for distribution in their support network.