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10 years of Microcredit Millennium bcp...

10 anos de Microcrédito Millennium bcp... 

The Millennium bcp autonomous Microcredit network just celebrates its 10th anniversary and the success of its activity was evidenced by the increase in the number of operations and jobs created.

Over these ten years of activity, were created 5,253 new jobs and microfinance has backed 3,398 micro projects, corresponding to a 31.2 million euro funding, a process that encompasses the support in the preparation of the business plan and ongoing monitoring throughout the duration of the funding agreement. This initiative aims the creation of own job solutions, in an autonomously and proactively way.

Microcredit is nowadays recognized as an effective instrument in combating poverty and social exclusion, contributing to the production of social wealth and for recovery and dignifying of the entrepreneur himself.

Over 10 years of activity, Millennium helped and cooperated with their micro-entrepreneurs in the creation of employment opportunities aimed at encouraging self-esteem and the dignity of the individual, in the conquest of their socio-economic independence.

About microcredit Millennium bcp

Released on November 2005, the Microcredit operation of Millennium bcp aims to support entrepreneurship and combating social exclusion, having as main beneficiaries the unemployed, micro-enterprises, young graduates, immigrants, retirees and domestic.
The maximum amount of the credit granted is € 25000 per project, for a period up to 5 years.

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