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Millennium bcp distinguished on the 10th anniversary of JAP...

Millennium bcp distinguished on the 10th anniversary of JAP...

Junior Achievement, the world main nonprofits organization for entrepreneurship education, pointed out on 24 November, at the Museum of Electricity, its 10th anniversary in Portugal, rewarding volunteers and associates who have excelled with enterprising work during this period.

Junior Achievement Portugal partner since its inception in 2005, Millennium bcp received two awards for their participation in this project, having been delivered yet a third prize to a collaborator of Millennium bcp, chosen as a Volunteer of the Decade.

Millennium bcp was thus awarded the following prizes:

- "Founders Award" - assigned to all entities that enabled the start of JA Portugal, as charter members;

- "Associated of the Decade - Impact in Students" - since 2005, Millennium bcp supported JAP with almost 1,000 volunteers, who secured 18,300 volunteer hours and reached 18,307 students from different teaching levels.

The corporate volunteering for Employees of the Bank is a practice that is in line with the principles and values of the Bank, enabling:

  • contribute to personal and professional development of the Employees;
  • Increase the closeness of Millennium bcp to the community.

The collaboration with Junior Achievement allows the promotion of a culture of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship to the society at large.

Over the past 10 years, the JAP brought together some 220.000 students throughout the country, belonging to the elementary, secondary and University levels, and enjoyed the collaboration of 12 thousand volunteers and 10 thousand teachers. Since 2005, this organization has led to the creation of over 2,500 innovative business ideas and entrepreneurs.

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