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Portugal Restaurant Week: be social, help...

Portugal Restaurant Week: be social, help... 

Between 19th February and 8th of March (up to 25th in exclusive) and 15th October and 1st of November (until 21st also exclusively), clients of Millennium bcp had exclusive access to restaurants in Portugal Restaurant Week initiative.

Exclusive weeks before the official week of the initiative aimed to increase adherence to an event that aims to democratize access to luxury restoration, contributing at the same time to social causes.

It is recalled that the participating restaurants have a special menu at an affordable price (20 euros, of which 1 euro reverts to socially responsible institutions).

With this initiative, the Millennium bcp joined, once again, to social causes sponsored by this culinary initiative (Mulheres de Vermelho, Acreditar e Operação Nariz Vermelho), providing also new and distinct advantages to customers.

The two editions of Restaurant Week event in 2015, which included the participation of Millennium bcp, allowed allocate financial support to these institutions totalling more than € 53,000.


About Restaurant Week

The first Restaurant Week arose in New York, in 1992, under a partnership with the Fashion Week, with the goal of increasing the volume of sales in designated Slow Season (times of low tourist flow in the restoration).

In this first edition, 90 restaurants participated. Nowadays, with the accession of more than 10,000 restaurants and held in large cities such as Madrid, Milan, Boston, London, Amsterdam and Sao Paulo.

In Portugal, had already more than 30 edits between the cities of Lisbon, Porto, Loulé and Cascais, having most recently held three national editions nationwide simultaneously. The Portugal Restaurant Week has already served more than 210,000 meals and has already awarded more than 210,000 euros in solidarity.