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Global Offering and Distribution Channels

Millennium bcp provides a global financial offer and diversified distribution channels.


Network of Branches - it continues to be the channel that Customers favour and, therefore, Millennium bcp provides diversified opening hours, allowing it to receive Customers when they have a higher availability to go to a branch. In major urban centres, during the days of the week, it continues to guarantee differentiated business hours - between 8.30 a.m. and 19.00 p.m., and access conditions to people with reduced mobility in about 60% of branches.





Oliveira Azemeis


ATM equipment network (Cash Machine) - this equipment is placed throughout Portugal and Azores and Madeira Islands and constitutes a means of access to basic banking services. Millennium bcp promotes accessibility to people with special needs through the placing of equipment with facilities available for the blind, such as links to headphones and programming keys for issuance of vocal instructions. Concerning the installation of ATMs, there are also rules to facilitate the access and use by persons with reduced mobility.

Millennium bcp Site - with the aim of improving the accessibility of Customers to the Bank's Website, functionalities were created that, while respecting the recommendations issued by the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI), intend to facilitate its accessibility. Millennium bcp also tried to make the site compatible with the widest possible range of devices.

Phone Banking - a channel that puts together the convenience of a telephone contact with the inestimable value of a personal relationship, allowing Customers to get an answer to their needs, 24 hours per day, every day of the year. In addition to serving Customers who quickly want to contact their bank, it is a privileged channel for people with reduced mobility or for people with visual impairments. Its fast automatic service provides with simplicity, rapidity and intuition the access to a wide range of queries and transactions.

Mobile Banking - by combining comfort to the need for mobility of Customers, the Bank offers three Mobile Banking services - Applications Millennium, Mobile Web service and the Mobile SMS service - enabling to access the accounts and the execution of the more frequent banking operations, where and when they wish, through the phone.

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These channels privilege Customers who, for reasons of reduced mobility or due to their demanding lives do not have sufficient time to go to branches or access the Bank through traditional channels.

Millennium bcp provides a monthly newsletter - Internet & Mobile - with specific information about updated services available through internet and mobile channels.



The quality of service is ensured by the ongoing implementation of initiatives associated with efficiency that contribute to a greater execution rigour and control ensuring that the operational and business processes are efficient and reliable and continuously monitored and improved, allowing, this way, the progressive increase of the Customer's satisfaction.

Bureau Veritas

Certification - Assuming its commitment to continuous improvement, a permanent focus on the Customer needs and satisfaction, the Bank has implemented a quality management system, which was certified for the first time in 2006.

The Quality Management System is recognized according an international standard NP EN ISO 9001:2008, under the Conception, Development, Commercialization and Monitoring of Products and Financial Services: Account Opening, National Transfers (received an sent), Cards, Western Union Transfers, Constitution, Maintain and Liquidity of Time Deposits and Savings Accounts


Bureau Veritas Certification, world leader in certification services and recognized to more than 40 national and international Accreditation Bodies, is the Entity responsible for annual audits and certificate assignment.


Security and Business Continuity

The people, assets, information and the information systems thereto related are business assets fundamental to the long-term existence of Millennium bcp. The Shareholders, Customers, Employees, Business Partners and Regulatory Entities, as parties interested in the carrying out of operational and strategic objectives, rely on a high level of security underlying the business processes.

The protection of people, assets and liabilities, secrecy, integrity and availability of information is the major priority of Security and of its associated programs.
Hence, the Physical Security, Information Systems and Business Continuity Units have as main task to protect the assets and sustainable resilience of Millennium bcp operations according to the following principles:

  • Protect the lives and physical integrity of people;
  • Protect the material and immaterial assets of the institution and ensure the integrity, availability and confidentiality of its information systems;
  • Guarantee the continuous functioning of critical operations or, in the event of disturbance, guarantee its timely recovery, according to their critical nature for the institution;
  • Minimise losses, actual or potential, resulting from the failure of compliance with regulatory or contractual commitments, or from the carrying out of new business.

The security awareness, essential to create a culture of safety in the Bank, in particular among Stakeholders, is a top priority for Millennium bcp. Thus Millennium bcp in a partnership with Microsoft provides a quarterly newsletter, designed essentially for Internet Banking Customers.


In terms of physical security, internal security regulations have been established - routine and emergency - to control the Employees access to the system and to the premises of Millennium bcp and also control the access by external entities.

Taking into consideration the specific features, integration and interaction of Millennium bcp with the space and the communities where it operates, the prevention and security system implemented seeks to ensure a greater rigour and the highest standards of security through several systems supported in a centralized command and control system for monitoring and managing incidents that, for having been carefully selected and maintained, strictly respect the physical integrity of customers and Employees as well as the environment.

All buildings of Millennium bcp are equipped with a Response Emergency Plan, which aims, in the abnormal situation of emergency and danger, to minimize the consequences on people and goods, through an appropriate disclosure of alarm and alert, a first intervention to control the incident, an efficient support to the evacuation of people in the stricken areas and at risk, and the preparation of conditions for the intervention of external help.

The Building's Evacuation Plan is organized in each building, through the appointment of a person responsible for emergency response, Floor Coordinators and Security Guards, who ensure the orderly evacuation of all Employees and of any visitors.

Training and awareness are critical factors for the development and implementation of an effective prevention and safety system. In this sense, training programs have been developed targeted at Employees who are part of emergency response teams and, in addition, evacuation exercises were carried out to test emergency response plans.

In what concerns the security of information and systems, the institution also defined by means of internal regulations, the duties of conduct appropriate to the functions exercised and to the levels of responsibility of the various corporate bodies and of all Employees.

Based on the most accredited international Safety Standards, namely the ISO 27000, Millennium bcp develops a program that covers different fields, including those related with risk assessment and awareness on issues related with information security. In this context, Millennium bcp has implemented a number of initiatives applied in all its operations and within its strategy, organization, security policies and procedures.

Whereas, on the other hand, that security is a theme transversal to several Institutions, Millennium bcp is associated with several forums and security initiatives including the Interbank Forum for Online security and Banking Security Forum for Physical security promoted by APB, the national network of CSIRTs (Computer Security Incident Response Team) and, together with other large national companies, supports and assists the Lisbon Office of UNICRI-United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, aiming at the development of public-private partnerships (PPPs) related with the protection of targets vulnerable to terrorist attacks.


Business Continuity

The Business Continuity Management Policy of (BCMP) of Group Millennium regulates the business continuity plan (including emergency response, crisis management and recovery of critical business focusing on people, processes and facilities and also on the technological recovery plan, addressed to the systems and computer applications and whose objectives and priorities are aligned with the business objectives.

The Business Continuity is structured by business processes, whose critical nature is assessed taking into consideration its relevance in the response to Customers requests and in the provision of liquidity to Customers and to the Bank. Through the analysis of the impact on business of a potential disruption of critical processes, their recovery time objectives were identified and from these, the business recovery requirements, subject to a permanent review and update. The resulting business recovery plans are based on the worst-case scenarios.

The business continuity management policy and any related documentation and plans of action meet international standards and best practices in business continuity management, as well as prudential recommendations issued by Banco de Portugal and CMVM.

The preparation of Millennium bcp for scenarios of crisis or serious incidents is based on the Strategy and on the Business Continuity Exercises Program, which take place regularly and cover all Business Units that operate critical processes. Their main objectives are:

  • Assess the ability of Business Continuity and the effectiveness of the Bank's response to serious incidents;
  • Train teams, strengthening the response capacity and confidence in the procedures;
  • Identify areas of improvement and assumptions to question;
  • Increase the organization's awareness for Business Continuity.