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Millennium bcp inaugurates new Microcredit Centre

Millennium bcp inaugurates new Microcredit Centre


With the change of Microcredit Centre that manages the southern region of the
 country to a privileged location in terms of access, it is easier for all
Microentrepreneurs share their business ideas with Millennium bcp.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the Executive Board President
 of the Bank, Nuno Amado, as well as for Graça Fonseca, Councillor of Economy, Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Câmara Municipal de Lisboa and Margarita Fonseca, Director of the Department of Employment, Entrepreneurship and
enterprises in the Municipality, among others responsible of Millennium bcp,
the financial and business sector of the city and of the entities of local activities
 in the area of entrepreneurship. Also several micro entrepreneurs, supported by this funding line, attended the event, sharing its history and experience.

Nuno Amado took the occasion to reaffirm the will of the Millennium bcp to act in this area: ' the new Millennium bcp Microfinance Center in Lisbon, in a prime location of the city, demonstrates the willingness of the Bank to continue to support microcredit, as part of its social responsibility. We want to be leaders in support of micro and small businesses.»

Served by a fairly wide public transport network (Metro, River transport, Rail transport and Rail), the new Microcredit Centre of Millennium bcp ensures all Microentrepreneurs a better accessibility and increased visibility. Meet the new premises at Street of S. Nicolau, n.º 84, in the middle of downtown Lisbon.

Find out about this and other products and services that the Bank offers - Socially and Environmental Aware Products and Services - that incorporate social and Environmental Management.