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Give the Liter: feed Happiness...

While pursuing Millennium bcp Sustainability policy, that promotes the development of proximity actions with the capacity to create social value, was recently conducted a campaign of corporate social responsibility "DOa o Litro” (Give the Liter).

This initiative, which  took place in the Bank's Operations Division during the 2nd half of September and the 1st week of October, aimed to collect Milk for delivery in Lisbon, to the “Comunidade Vida e Paz”, in Porto, to the “Portuguese Caritas”.

Besides being another example of engagement with internal and external community, materializing the principles of solidarity and involvement with causes and persons, this action reveals also an active and participatory citizenship as well as intervention capacity.

The final results obtained - 2,266 liters - will contribute to the beneficiary organizations can continue to assist a growing group of people and families referenced in their network of support.

We make the Difference.