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SUSTAINABILITY: 1st semester 2014 review


Millennium bcp continues to make a difference in Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility through a practice of Responsible Business that, adding social value, approaches us to the communities and respond to the new challenges of a changing world.

The materialization of this strategy has allowed, in 2014, reduce the consumption of electricity, water and CO2 emissions, but also the use of ink cartridges and toners and the number of central and local printings.

But we known that the improvement of our collective consumption pattern will be a continuous process. It was with this premise that we have unleashed a internal communication campaign - "Reduction of Consumptions/Environmental Signage" - which will continue until the end of the year and aims to share information about what we've been doing to make the management of these resources more efficient and, at the same time, encourage the adoption of practices and individual behaviours that allow rationalizing their use.

A reference also for Millennium bcp adherence to "Movimento ECO 2014 - Companies Against Fires", a project that aims to contribute to the prevention of forest fires and raise public awareness to risk behaviours.

However, if the preservation of the environment is important, the involvement with the community, adding social value, is not less. So, it is with this conviction that we have been participating in various volunteer activities, ranging from support to charities institutions to financial literacy that gathered in 2014, so far, more than 200 employees.

Still, reference on economic dimension to the Financial Advisory Service (FAS), that showing solutions to avoid or mitigate the failure of responsibilities, contributes to strengthening the chain of trust with our customers. Under this service, were contracted in the first half of 2014 more than 19 thousand restructuring.

Meet the most relevant made during the first semester of this year in Social, Environmental and Economic dimensions of our activity in Portugal.