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Socially and Environmentally Aware Products and Services

Millennium bcp delivers products and services that incorporate social and environmental concerns.


Microcredit is a powerful instrument to create opportunities, but should not be regarded as a form of solidarity or patronage. Microcredit aggregates the entrepreneurial spirit, effort and commitment, of those who believe in their potential and their projects, to the three fundamental pillars - know, believe and trust - that determine the form of action that it is supporting.

Millennium bcp signed, in 1999, a protocol of cooperation with the Portuguese Association for Right to Credit (ANDC was the main promoter in Portugal of the experience of the Grameen Bank, created by Muhamad Yunus in Bangladesh), and was, until 2005, the sole financial intermediary financing microcredit operations in Portugal.

In 2005, the year elected by the United Nations as the "International year of Microcredit" Millennium bcp decided to create an Autonomous Microcredit Network, with the main objective of continuing to find solutions for the social groups typically excluded from access to traditional credit.

The success of each project depends on the effort, persistence, dedication and courage of the micro-loan recipients to be able to change the direction of their lives.

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Inclusive offer


Millennium bcp has been supporting immigrants, accompanying them in the different stages of their life, through:

  • Information available on the Web site that aims to facilitate their social and financial integration;
  • A solution of financial products and services tailored to their needs - the Passport Account, which has been disseminated through actions with national visibility and bilingual communication - English/Russian - thus facilitating the understanding of products and services offered;
  • Availability of an English version of the account opening documentation for a better understanding of the conditions.

Non-profit organizations

Within the scope of the social responsibility principles, Millennium bcp provides a specific offer under special conditions for non-profit organizations - "Non-profit Organizations Account" - facilitating the inclusion of these institutions in the financial sector.

Minimum Bank Services Account

Millennium bcp provides a checking account, for resident and non-resident Customers with low incomes. This account without associated expenses can be debited and credited through a debit card.

The provision of this service is the result of a protocol to implement Minimum Bank Services between the Portuguese Government, the Bank of Portugal and several national banks, among them Millennium bcp, which seeks to reduce factors that enhance social exclusion.


Support to families

Financial Advisory Service (SAF)

Service available in branches and through a phone number specifically made available with the aim of supporting Customers in financial difficulties, studying and proposing the most appropriate solution for the budget of each family, allowing each family to more easily meet their liabilities towards the institution.


Socially Responsible Investment Funds (SRI)

SRI funds were created to meet the needs of investors who consider relevant to contemplate, in their investments, social and environmental risk factors, thus the companies in the portfolios under management assume strategic models that take into account:

  • The introduction of measures aimed at reducing climate impacts;
  • Fighting corruption;
  • Respect for human rights;
  • Good corporate governance practices of;
  • The efficiency of systems for identifying and managing risk.

Millennium bcp provides, by way of open architecture, SRI Funds through its internet banking platform.


Digital products and services

In opening a new checking account and in the process for home loans the Bank scans all the documentation required from customers, thus reducing the number of photocopies.

The provision of numerous services for consulting documents in digital format enables, besides the reduction of paper used and circulated, the client's safe and quick access to information on the account debits and credits.