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Social Responsability

The strategy of Millennium bcp has always been to promote a culture of social responsibility, developing actions for and with various groups of Stakeholders with the aim of, directly or indirectly, contribute to the social development of the countries where it operates, by means of the following:

  • Involvement with the external community and internal community (Employees);
  • Offer of products and services that incorporate social and environmental principles;
  • Sharing of the principles of sustainability.


Comunidade Interna

Internal Community

The value proposal of Millennium bcp to its Employees comprises a broad set of benefits, and it intends to contribute to improve the level of well-being of the Employees and their families, encouraging the search for balance between work and personal life.

Comunidade Externa

External Community

Millennium bcp materializes its strategy of involvement with external community mainly in four areas of action:
- Promotion and dissemination of Culture;
- Promotion of Education and Research :
- Promotion of Solidarity activities and Charity;
- Participation in Community Activities.

Gestão Ambiental

Environmental Management

The environmental policy of Millennium bcp focuses on three essential vectors aimed at minimizing the direct environmental impacts of the Bank and also reducing indirect impacts associated with the activity of its customers:
- Supporting Customers in the transition to an economy with a smaller environmental impact;
- Minimising the Bank’s ecological footprint;
- Involving, influencing and being influenced by society.

Princícios de Referência

Reference Principles

Under the strategy of social responsibility, Millennium bcp is a subscriber of reference principles in the area of sustainability and is a member of entities that guarantee transparency and ethics adopted in communication with customers and thereby, to respect and promote in its sphere of influence, a set of key values in the areas of human rights, labour standards, social and environmental standards and anti-corruption.



Millennium bcp maintains a responsible relationship with its suppliers based on continuous evaluation and the sharing of the values of sustainability.
In all its operations, the BCP Group focuses on buying from the country's own Suppliers.

Produtos e Serviços Socioambientais

Socially and Environmentally Aware Products and Services

Millennium bcp offers a complete and comprehensive range of financial products and services for each customer segment, always with the desire to respond innovatively and adapted to the socio-economic framework lived in every moment.