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3D Secure. Secure Online Payments.


What is the 3D-Secure?

3D Secure is a protocol that offers increased security to your online purchases from secure websites
(Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode), enabling the confirmation that the payment
is effectively being made by the holder of the card.

This protocol is available for holders of credit and debit cards for Individuals and Companies.

To be able to make online purchases with the added security of 3D Secure you must join the service here.

If you are not a user of the Millennium bcp website, firstly you must register at
or get the access code at an ATM, and subscribe here.

How does it work?

Verified by Visa. MasterCard SecureCode   SMS   entering the code received by SMS

When you make a purchase at a retailer that joined 3D Secure, identified through the trademarks logos.


For each purchase, an SMS code will be sent to the mobile phone associated to the 3D Secure, together with the data of the operation (amount and retailer).


When paying, and after entering the requested card data, an authentication page will appear for entering the code received by SMS.


What are the advantages of 3D Secure?

It enables identifying online stores where payments are made with increased safety methods;

It is totally safe for purchases from online shops  that implemented the protocol;

3D Secure grants protection to the cards in case of fraud, in online  shops that subscribed the service;

It guarantees safety when using the real card data online.

Which are the other safe methods to purchase online?

MB NET   Millennium bcp Free Web Card

This method enables making payments online in an easy, comfortable and safe manner through a virtual card number.
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Millennium bcp Free Web Card
This is a Pre-Paid card of the Visa Electron network that can be toped-up, giving you secure purchases and full control over the available balance and over the debits and credits charged to the card.
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