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UnionPay cards are here!

Millenniumbcp is the first European Bank to issue UnionPay cards - the world's largest card-issuing network - launching in Europe the first cards of this brand UnionPay Debit for Individual Clients and the credit card Millennium bcp Travel Mate Business TAE (annual effective interest rate) 19.652%, aimed at companies and entrepreneurs that have business ties with China.



Get to know the advantageous conditions related to the annual fee of the UnionPay cards and also:

  • On the UnionPay Debit Card, take advantage of the launch campaign and get 1% cashback in all purchases made outside the European Union.
  • On the Millennium bcp Travel Mate Business credit card join, with no annual expenses, the Millennium Rewards and receive points you can use on travelling, getaways, restaurants, hotels, spas and wine.