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Buy safely

So that you may use your cards more safely and conveniently, we suggest you follow these recommendations:


When you receive your card:

  • Put your signature on your card immediately, as soon as you get it;
  • Keep it in a visible place in your wallet, so that you can quickly notice if it goes missing.

When you use your card:

  • Present your card only after it's been properly signed;
  • When you pay, always check the payment amount before you enter your PIN (or before you sign the Visa receipt, i.e. in countries that do not work with chip cards) and never key in your code without first checking the amount on the screen;
  • Keep your copy of the receipt
  • Whenever you make payments with your card always keep it within sight while it is handled by others. Always make sure that the merchant only issues a single receipt (and if there is a mistake immediately destroy the wrong receipt). Always check the invoice date and total amount;
  • If it so happens that you are asked for an identification document, do not regard this request as a lack of trust or a personal attack on your dignity.  It is merely a standard security procedure, safeguarding the dealer, the issuer, but above all the user
  • Learn your card PIN by heart - but if you do need to write down the number, always keep it hidden and in a separate location from your card;
  • Whenever you pay at ATMs make sure that when you enter your PIN no one can see it.

Precautions when conveying information:

  • Never give out any information regarding your card (no., expiration date, etc.) over the phone, unless it is you that is making the call.  Remember that when you receive a phone call you cannot ascertain the identity of the caller;
  • Do not reply to emails asking for credit card information. If you receive any message of this nature, contact your bank at once.

Precautions regarding the safekeeping of your card

Your card relies on essential information contained on the magnetic tape in order to operate.  Here are some tips to ensure your card continues to works efficiently:

  • Avoid placing your card next to magnets or electromagnetic sources (loudspeakers, TVs, etc.) since exposure to magnetic fields might damage the information on it.
  • When you put your cards in your wallet, try not to place them in such a way that the magnetic tapes touch each other. They might get damaged from scraping together.
  • Make sure your card is not exposed to high temperatures

If you report a lost card to us and later find it again, do not use it.

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