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UnionPay Débito

UnionPay Debit

All the comfort and security in your payments.


Debit card that allows you to make purchases and withdrawals in Portugal and around the world, using the UnionPay Network.

Equipped with contactless technology allowing payments to be made quickly and securely at terminals that present this option.

With the UnionPay Debit, card issued by Millennium bcp in partnership with the world's largest card-issuing network - UnionPay - you benefit from 1% cashback on all purchases made outside the European Union and also exemption from the international service fee in purchases made in Chinese currency.


Annual fee: € 19.50 per Holder (plus Stamp Tax).

Exemption from the Annual Fee for two cards while subscribing to Cliente Frequente or Solução Mais Portugal.

On cards with purchases of more than € 2,400 per year, on the UnionPay Network, the annual fee will be returned.


With the UnionPay Debit card, you have a convenient, fast and reliable way to access your Current Account 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It enables you to make purchases and withdrawals in Portugal and anywhere in the world where the UnionPay network is available. It also enables you to make purchases, withdrawals and all the transactions that are available on Multibanco ATM’s.


Equipped with Contactless technology, it allows to make payments up to € 20 in all POS network that has this functionality.

Right after you make the first PIN purchase on the UnionPay network, the contactless feature becomes active. You can enable or disable the contactless functionality on your MWallet.

1% Cashback

On all purchases made outside the European Union, you receive 1% cashback to be credited to your current account.


Purchases, transfers and withdrawals on a smartphone or tablet.

Insurance against fraudulent use of the card

In case of loss, theft, robbery or misplacement of your Card, when they are not of the cardholder’s responsibility, the Bank ensures payment of the amount associated with these transactions.

You should immediately notify the Bank, using the telephone number 707 50 24 24 - Personal assistance 24/7.

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Please read the General Conditions of the Card.

How to apply

To apply for the card, contact your Account Manager or go to a Millennium bcp Branch.

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