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Did you know you can now activate your Via Verde device or replace your linked card over the millennium bcp website?

All you need is your device number.


Activating your device

You can activate it as soon as you've received it. Activation will link your toll payments to a bank account for automatic debit.

Activate now.


Replace card

You can also change the card from which you make your Via Verde payments at any time.
You have to change it if:

  • your linked card is no longer valid;
  • you need to change your linked debit account.

You can do all this without even having to go a cash dispenser.

Replace your card now.


Applying for Via Verde:

1. Print and fill in your application form:

2 - Documents you must supply with the application form:

  • Copy of car credentials;
  • Proof of residence (utilities bill) or Head Office (for companies);
  • Companies and associations must present proof of authority of signatory/signatories.

3 - Hand in the application form and documents at a Via Verde customer service point.

02.002.5172 2012/02/17

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