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15.7% TAEG

A world of advantages.

Apple Pay 



Equipped with contactless technology, Apple Pay, Google Pay; MB Way, Garmin Pay Fitbit Pay and SwatchPay! allowing payments to be made quickly and securely, without inserting the card in the reader.

Consult View the Insurance and Assistance Guide, find out the benefits program  Visa Luxury Hotel Collection.

Prestige Travel

Access to personalized, value-added and comfortable travel services:

  • Information, booking and reservation services;
  • Special rates all over the world, at selected hotels;
  • Private transfer service, free of charge, to and from the airport at maximum distance of 45 Km (for purchases over € 1,000.
  • Free parking (one week at most) at the Airports of Lisbon, Porto and Faro, valid for purchases above € 1,000 in plane tickets, hotels, etc. made through the Prestige Travel;
  • Airport Assistance - during boarding and delivery of documents at the Airports of Lisbon and Porto;
  • SMS Service, including sending a message to confirm the flight schedule (for regular flights only);
  • Travel insurance, including, free of charge, the cancellation cover in "tailored" travels (travels with flight itinerary, accommodation, transfers and tours designed in accordance with your specific needs) and also the support from a travel experts (working days from 9:00 a-m. to 6:30 p.m.) as well as an emergency service 24h.


Annual Fee

Exemption from the annual fee for two cards as a member of the integrated solution of banking products and services Prestige Pogram.  

€ 50 annual fee per holder (plus Stamp tax).

Credit pricing

15.7% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate) and 10.500% TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) for a credit limit of​ € 2,500 paid over 12 equal monthly repayments, plus interest and expenses.

Limit subject to credit assessment.

For more information, view the pricing.



International credit card that enables you to shop and get credit Cash Advances all over the world, where the Visa networks are available.

In Portugal, this card also enables you to make payments at all points of sale and gives you access to the Multibanco ATM network, where you can make debit withdrawals, credit payment of purchases/services with entity and reference, as well as other operations made available by this network.

Some of these operations are subject to charges.

Flexibility and Control

It gives you flexibility and control in the management of your family budget.

Every month, you can choose to pay any amount of the total outstanding, as: 3%, 15%, 25%, 50% with a € 10 minimum, or choose the Fixed Monthly Payment that allows you to pay, every month, a fixed amount, multiple of € 50, up to the credit limit. Available from € 50, conditioned to a minimum of 3% of the credit limit.

You can also set the date when to make the monthly payment (between the 2nd and 20th day of each month).

The partial payment of the outstanding charges is subject to the payment of interests and charges.

You can also activate, at no cost, a debit/credit charge alert and prior warning of the monthly payment of your card to be sent to your e-mail. ​​

How to apply

Go here to request your Prestige card and just:

  1. Choose the Current Account you wish to associate to your Card.
  2. Carefully read and confirm that you read and accept the card's: General Conditions and Standardised Information Form;
  3. Confirm that you wish to request the card.

Approval is subject to Millennium bcp's risk analysis and credit assessment.

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