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Millennium bcp Classic


12.6% TAEG

Whether you shop in person or online,
this card will always match your purchases.

Apple Pay 


Equipped with contactless technology, Apple Pay, MB Way, Garmin Pay e Fitbit Pay allowing payments to be made quickly and securely, to make payments up to € 50.

Return of the commission (annuity) if you make € 1,200 in purchases in the VISA network, with the card.

Fees and Commissions

Credit card availability fee

Availability fee: € 10 per card, charged annually (plus Stamp Tax).

Exemption from the availability of commission for two cards while adhering to the integrated solution of banking products and services Cliente Frequente or Mais Portugal.

If you are not adherent to the integrated solutions of banking products and services, the value of the availability fee is charged and refunded in the month following that in which the card reaches € 1,200 in purchases in the VISA network, accumulated in the year to which the commission.

Credit pricing

12.6% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate) and 10.500% TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) for a credit limit of € 1,500 paid over over 12 equal monthly repayments plus interest and charges.

Limits are subject to Millennium bcp's credit risk assessment.

Please see our Pricing for further information.​​​



Classic is an international credit card that enables you to shop and get credit cash advances (Cash Advance) all over the world, where the Visa network is available.

In Portugal, the card enables you to make payments in all points of sale and also gives you access to the Multibanco ATM network, where you can make debit withdrawals, credit payment of purchases/services, as well as other operations made available by this network.

Some of these operations are subject to charges.

Flexibility and Control

This gives you total flexibility to manage your family budget.

Every month, you can choose to pay any amount of the total outstanding, as: 3%, 15%, 25%, 50% with a € 10 minimum, or choose the Fixed Monthly Payment that allows you to pay, every month, a fixed amount, multiple of € 50€, up to the credit limit. Available from € 50, conditioned to a minimum of 3% of the credit limit.

You can choose the day for the monthly payment (between the 2nd and the 20th of every month).

The partial payment of the outstanding charges to the credit card is subject to interests and fees.

You can also activate, at no cost, a debit/credit charge alert and prior warning of the monthly payment of your card to be sent to your e-mail.

Avis Rent a Car Discount

Whether you are taking a vacation or travelling on business, show your card to take advantage of special conditions in car rentals:

  • 25% off on the best daily online rate for Portugal with promo code AWD W601001
  • 15% off for the rest of the world with promo code AWD W601000

To be sure you get all your discounts while abroad, click here to request your Avis Preferred card, free of charge and with no annual fee.​

​​ ​

How to apply for a card

Apply here for your card and just:

Approval is subject to Millennium bcp's risk analysis and credit assessment.

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