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Millennium bcp GO!


14.5% TAEG

Earn your independence!

Apple Pay 



Equipped with contactless technology, Apple Pay, MB Way, Garmin Pay e Fitbit Pay allowing payments to be made quickly and securely, to make payments up to € 50.

An exclusive card for those between 18 and 30 years old.

The GO! card will take you further in your travels and studies. You can buy tickets for your favourite concert, purchase low-cost airfares and book a room in your favourite city.

Card without annual fee.

Fees and Commissions

Annual fee

Card without annual fee.

Cost of Credit

14.5% TAEG (Global Annual Effective Rate) and 14.000% TAN (Nominal Annual Rate) for a credit limit of € 1,500 paid over 12 equal monthly repayments plus interest and charges.

Consult our Price List for more information.




The GO! card lets you make purchases and get cash advances anywhere in the world where there is a Visa network.

Some of these operations are subject to charges.

Flexibility and control

This gives you total flexibility to manage your family budget.
Every month, you can choose to pay any amount of the total outstanding, as of 3%, 15%, 25%, 50% , with a € 10 minimum, or choose the Fixed Monthly Payment that allows you to pay, every month, a fixed amount, multiple of € 50, up to the credit limit. Available from € 50, conditioned to a minimum of 3% of the credit limit.

For tighter control, you can check your purchases here and set up email transaction alerts.​​

How to apply for a card

To apply here, for your credit card just:

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