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Cartão Free Web

Free Web

Free to top up, safe to use on your online shopping!

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With the Free Card you only spend up to your card balance.
For your allowance or online shopping.

A pre-paid card that you can top-up at any time, giving you full control over your available balance and transactions.

Perfect for your online shopping!

Free Web is a VISA Electron pre-paid debit card that you can use for secure online shopping.

It's practical, safe and easy to use!

02.002.4360 2011/11/07

Fees and Commissions

Annual fee

Annual fee is € 10 (plus Stamp Duty).


View our Price List for further information on the Free card.


  • Perfect for your online shopping;
  • Free Web is a VISA Electron pre-paid debit card that you can use for secure online shopping;
  • Shop at stores that work with Multibanco and Visa;
  • Works independently from your current account, and you'll only spend up to the balance on your card;
  • If you wish you may top up only the amount required for each purchase:
  • Monthly e-Statement:
    Subscribe to the e-Statement and receive your Free card statement by e-mail, with all its advantages!
    You can also subscribe to the Alerts Service and you'll be warned whenever there is a new document available for consultation;
  • You can also top up your Free Web here or at a cash dispenser;
  • You may check your card balance and transactions at any time here;
  • You can top up your card with € 5 and up to € 2.500.

How to apply for a card

To apply here for your Free Web card simply:

  • Select the Current Account you wish to link your card to.
  • Choose which card you want to take out.
  • Read carefully and confirm that you have read and are aware of the General Terms and Conditions of the Free Web card.
  • Confirm you wish to take out the card.

Approval is subject to our risk analysis and credit decision.

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