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See how you can receive the monthly statement for your American Express and TAP cards in digital format, instead of as paper documents.
Sign up now to receive online statements for your cards and benefit from all the advantages!

Main Advantages

Easier - Just give us your email address and we'll email the statements to you directly. Store them on your computer instead of taking up room space.
You will be able to view your accounts easily, safely and in privacy. You may also access the past 6 months of your issued statement history - you may consult and print your statements whenever you want.

Faster - Get your statements on a monthly basis, and access your account details sooner.

Greener - Be environmentally friendly, preserve our planet's resources and contribute towards a better future.



Millennium bcp Clients

When you sign up for this service, your next card statement will not be posted to you but will henceforth be available on our website in digital format (.pdf).

If you wish to receive your card statement by email, please read our terms in Terms of Use. Request email statements now.
You may also join our Alerts service and be notified whenever you have new documents to view.

This service may be cancelled at any time. Simply go to Maintenance. After cancellation, further documents will be sent by post and will no longer be available online.

Once you've joined you may view all your documents by selecting View Documents. Here you may choose the documents you wish to view by date. Documents are available for 6 months after they are published.

Clients holding accounts at other banks

Sign up to receive your card statement monthly by email, you must sign up for this service.

As an alternative you can contact us using the following phone numbers:

  • TAP and BP Visa cards 707 31 30 40
  • American Express cards 707 50 40 50

24/7 Helpdesk.

If you call using the landline you will pay a maximum of 0.10 € per minute; if you choose to call us using a mobile phone, the maximum cost per minute will be of 0.25 €. These charges are subject to VAT.