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Duplicate Documents

E-Documents: Join

You can get duplicates of your e-documents (pdf) at any time.

We can only issue e-documents if you've joined this service.

How to get duplicate e-documents:

1. Join our E-documents (.pdf) service.

- If you haven't joined yet, click here.

2. Send us a message providing:

  • For a duplicate Statement: the year, month and current account no. for the desired statement.
  • For a duplicate Transaction Statement: the date, operation type and amount, and current account no. for the desired transaction statement.

Clearly state in your message that you want your duplicate to be sent in digital format.

3. On the second working day after you've requested the duplicate, you may consult the e-document in View Documents. To view the document, you must enter the date the duplicate was issued on.

Very Important: You may only request duplicates in digital format for statements issued within the past 12 months.

Duplicates of documents that have been issued more than 12 months ago will be sent as a paper document to the account address. 

View our Price List for the costs of this operation.