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  • Direct access at;
  • Simple and immediate registration;
  • Safe;
  • Bills paid online;
  • Creation of warnings to let you know when a document comes in or when it is due;
  • Keeps archives of the bills issued during the period of time mandatory by law (5 years);
  • Free.


The MB DOX service is free of charge.

Main features

The MB DOX is a service developed for the Portuguese financial system that allows you to centre in a single area all the digital documents from different issuers of documents and/or bills/invoices.

You can use this service to save, view or print all your documents in an organized manner in a safe environment. It also allows you to make payments if such documents are bills.

How to register

Register here to use MB DOX.

The first time you access you only have to enter your tax identification number followed by adequately reading and accepting the Service's General Conditions. After you take these two steps, your MB DOX is created and you may immediately subscribe to the available Issuers.


What is MB DOX?

You can use this service to save, view or print all your documents in an organized manner in a safe environment.
It also allows you to make payments if such documents are bills.

How can I access MB DOX?

To access MB DOX, you must login to and choose the available option.

What can I do with MB DOX?

With MB DOX you can view your digital bills from different issuers and make the payments - all online, safely and privately through your personal banking webpage.

You can view your documents saved in the MB DOX in different ways:
a) Summarised, through a detailed description,
b) Viewing the whole document, which you may print or save to your PC.

You may also pay your bills immediately or schedule their payment for later (until the bill due date). You may also schedule the automatic payment of all bills, by Issuer.

You may setup warnings to be sent to your e-mail (ex: warning when you receive a new bill).

You may choose to have more than one MB DOX account, if it is more comfortable for you to separate the bills (e.g. permanent home and second home).

You may share your MB DOX with another user (e.g. Spouse) and enable both to view and pay any bill saved in the MB DOX.

How do I know that MB DOX is safe?

MB DOX can only be accessed through your online banking page and by prior authentication with Millennium bcp.

Communication with MB DOX is encrypted using the most recent cipher mechanisms, ensuring that there is no undue access to your MB DOX and that the information is transmitted in an illegible, secure and confidential manner.

When you access MB DOX, you can also verify in the home page the date and time of your last visit. Thus, you may confirm the access.

When can I start viewing my documents?

To start receiving your documents you must subscribe to the issuers available using the option "Subscriptions". Once the subscription is approved, you will start receiving your bills in MB DOX, effective as of the next billing date.

Who can access my MB DOX?

The service allows access of more than one user to the same MB DOX.
Yet the registration of additional users is only effective after the holder of the MB DOX authorizes it, through:
"Association Requests"

What are the advantages of MB DOX?

a) MB DOX is accessed directly through without need for additional authentication.
b) Simple and immediate registration.
c) Security is ensured by's security standards.
d) You can pay bills online.
e) You can schedule single payments or all payments associated to a subscription.
f) You can create warnings to let you know when a document comes in or when its due.
g) You can share your MB DOX with others and still keep a specific subscription private, if you wish to do so.
h) With access through our website, you may have more than one MB DOX account (ex: permanent home and second home).

Can I access MB DOX at any time of day?

MB DOX is always available at

What happens if I give the wrong tax identification number when I register to use MB DOX?

The system checks your tax identification number against the one registered in your Bank. If they do not match, the MB DOX account is not created and you are requested to contact the Bank to confirm the tax identification number.

I had my MB DOX account in another Bank, can I change it to Millennium bcp? How can I do that?

You must choose the option "Migrate MB DOX". You will see all the MB DOX accounts you have and you can associate them to Millennium bcp.
The migration of the MB DOX from one Bank to another implies that the service will be unavailable for two months.

Must I have an online banking area to subscribe to the MB DOX?

Yes. You can only access MB DOX through your online banking area.

What happens if I forget my MB DOX account number?

You access MB DOX directly through and you do not have to enter the account number or your tax identification number (only the first time you access it to create the MB DOX).
Yet, if you want to share your MB DOX with another user, you can see your MB DOX account number in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

Can I ask someone to register my MB DOX for me?

For security reasons the registry should be made exclusively by the account holder with access to the online banking area who has the access codes.

Can I delete the MB DOX? What happens to the documents saved in it?

The MB DOX account cannot be deleted. The documents are saved and you have access to them during the legal term in effect.

Can I cancel the MB DOX service at any moment?

For the period of time required by law:
a) Original digital bill/invoice - 5 years,
b) Data of the bill/invoice - 10 years.

What type of documents can I save in MB DOX?

The ones provided by the Issuers who join this initiate, typically invoices, bills and/or statements.

Will I still receive my bills at home? Is that option available?

After you subscribe to a certain Issuer you will no longer receive that Issuer's bills in paper at home. Depending on the Issuer, you may continue to view it also in the Issuer's website.

How do I view the documents?

You can consult that data on your bills and also the digital document (pdf file) just like the bill you would receive in paper at home.

Besides viewing documents of the different active subscriptions, you may also:

a) Print the document/bill;
b) Download the document/bill to your computer;
c) Pay a bill immediately;
d) Schedule the payment to another date, as long as it does not surpass the due date;
e) Should you choose to pay the bill in any other manner, you may alter a bill status to "Mark as Paid" so as to make searches easier. In this case, please be aware that, in case of legal dispute, "Mark as paid" does not qualify as proof of payment.

Can I have more than one MB DOX?

Yes, you may have more than one MB DOX on account of personal organization.
a) Permanent Home;
b) Second Home;
c) MB DOX shared with a tenant so that the tenant may pay the bills and these are available for both to view them.

Can I receive bills addressed to family members if they do not have access to

No. For the time being, only users with online banking and who are registered with the Issuers may subscribe. Yet, you may share the MB DOX of another person, even if that person's account is with another Bank.

Is it possible to view a detailed bill/invoice?

Yes, you may choose to view the detailed information and you may also select the <Download> option and view the original bill/invoice in pdf format.

Can I receive warnings when I receive new documents in the MB DOX?

Yes, if you configure it to do so.
The configuration of the warnings is made in the option "Create warning".

Where are the warnings sent?

The warnings are sent by e-mail to the address provided by you when you create your MB DOX. This e-mail address may differ from the one in the Bank's records.

What is the "public or private viewing" of a subscription?

In case you share your MB DOX with another user, you may decide that some subscriptions are only visible to you and therefore private.

What is subscription management?

The subscription management allows you to view active subscriptions or those pending confirmation from the Issuer. In addition, you may schedule automatic payments, warnings and viewing permissions for each subscription:
a) Public: this allows you to share the documents with all the users previously authorized to access your MB DOX account.
b) Private: this option guarantees that documents pertaining to a certain subscription are only viewed by the holder of the subscription, whether the MB DOX is shared or not with others.

What is the option "Migrate MB DOX"?

If you wish to change Banks, to access MB DOX, you must select the option "Migrate MB DOX".
MB DOX can only be accessed through one online banking account at a time. The migration of the MB DOX implies that the service will be unavailable for two months.

What is the option "New MB DOX"?

The option New MB DOX allows you to have more than one document account.
This function is interesting for people who need to group bills for different situations, such as holiday houses, leases, etc.

What happens to my direct debit orders?

A bill with an active direct debit order is considered unpayable and is therefore provided in the MB DOX account solely for consultation, as the payment is already guaranteed in another way.

What is the advantage of including bills paid using the Direct Debits system in the MB DOX?

The possibility of digital archive, consultation and organisation of your bills.

Can I pay an Issuer's bills even if I am not a party to the contract?

Yes, if you share your MB DOX with the person who is party to the contract and he/she defined the Issuer's subscription as public.

In case of conflict with an Issuer, is it possible to cancel a scheduled payment?

Yes, you may cancel the scheduled payment as long as you do so until 24 hours before the debit is made to the account.

I live outside Portugal, can I use MB DOX?

Yes, you only need to be registered at and join MB DOX.
The advantage of having this service is that you may pay your bills wherever you are or even schedule the payments so that MB DOX does it for you.

I cancelled MB DOX and have yet to receive my paper bills at home.

You must contact each Issuer directly to solve this matter.

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