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How to schedule operations

It's very simple! To schedule payments all you have to do is:

  • Select the operation you wish to carry out on a future date;
  • Give your payment details;
  • Select the 'Schedule' option;
  • Choose the type of scheduling (one-time or standing order);
  • Choose the payment date(s);
  • Confirm the details of the operation.

What can I schedule?

You may schedule a number of operations:


How can I view payments I've already scheduled?

To view your scheduled payments, just go to "my scheduled events" in the 'M' menu.

There you'll find a list of all your scheduled operations.


What if I want to cancel a scheduled operation?

It's easy to manage your scheduled operations.

In the "my scheduled events" list, simply click 'cancel' to delete the scheduled event.


I want to be notified of all my scheduled events

To receive all notifications, you can create alerts and we'll let you know whenever a scheduled operation has been carried out.

Under 'M' on the menu, select "new alert" and add alerts for your scheduled operations. Notwithstanding, if a scheduled operation isn't carried out, you'll always be notified by email.

Schedule your payments and put your worries aside.