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With Scheduled Events you can get rid of worries by scheduling the payments you want to make in the future.

Scheduled Events

It’s quite simple. After accessing homebanking, you only have to:

  • Choose the operation you want to make at a future date
  • Fill in the payment details
  • Select the "Schedule" option
  • Indicate the Scheduling Type
  • Indicate the date(s) on which you want to make the payment(s)
  • Confirm the operation data

What can I schedule?

There are several operations that can be scheduled:

How can I verify my Scheduled Events?

To check all Scheduled Events, you just need to go to the "M Area" menu and choose the option "My scheduled events".

My scheduled events

Can I cancel a Scheduled Operation?

It’s easy to manage the operations you have scheduled.

In the "My scheduled events" list, just click on the "Cancel" icon and, on the next page, click "Next" to confirm the cancellation.

manage the scheduled operations

I want to be informed about all my Scheduled Operations

You can also create Alerts that will notify you whenever a scheduled event is carried out. In the "Accounts" menu, select "Create Alerts" and subscribe to operations scheduling alerts.

If the scheduled operation is not carried out, you will be notified by email, and there is no need to subscribe to this Alert.

Create Alerts 

Schedule your payments and put your worries aside.