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With this service you can receive, via email, an image of the cheque debited from your current account.

You only need to join this service and tell us if you want to receive all cheques or only those over a certain amount established by you.

After you've joined this service and the cheque has been presented to the bank, if the cheque meets the sending conditions you established upon joining, you'll receive its image by email.

You may cancel this service at any time at no cost.
Viewing cheques is subject to our current price list

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Conditions for sending Copy of Cheque by Email:

1. Cheques presented at other banks - 1 working day after presentation date;
2. Cheques presented at Millenniumbcp branches - 4 working days after presentation date.
3. If the cheque has been deposited in a Bank that has joined the Portuguese Scanning System.


02.002.4258 2011/10/25

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