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Easier, Faster, Greener. E-Documents.

Now it's much quicker and convenient to view your financial assets and receive all the information regarding your account transactions. Millennium bcp has placed a service at your disposal which allows you to receive your Online Statement by email and view it online in total privacy and safety.

Apply now and take advantage of all our benefits!

Main Advantages

  • Easier - Just give us your email address and we'll email the statements to you directly. Store them on your computer instead of taking up room space.
  • Faster - Get your statements on a monthly basis, and access your account details sooner.
  • Greener - Be environmentally friendly, preserve our planet's resources and contribute towards a better future.
Just see how easy it is to receive your statements sooner and to be able to view them online on the 1st working day of each month:

Statement in paper Statement in digital format
Statement produced: Last working day of the month Last working day of the month
Printed, enclosed in envelope and posted: Next working day Not applicable
Delivered by postal services: 3 working days Not applicable
Received by client: Between 8th / 9th
 day of each month
Available on working day following date of production

To Apply:

At the website:

  • Select "accounts". You must log-in and access your personal page (if you haven't registered with the website yet, click here).
  • In the Accounts menu, select "e-documents - Apply". If you wish to receive your documents by email too, select "Send by email".

Consult our sending conditions in our Terms of Use.

Contact Center

Contact us on any working day from 08h30 to 22h00 (on non-working days from 10h to 22h00) and, with your account number and multichannel access code, request the subscription through one of our Customer Service Representative. You will also be able to, comfortably, indicate the e-mail address where you wish to receive your account statements.

For that purpose, please call us using the following phone numbers:

  • 707 50 24 24
  • 91 827 24 24
  • 93 522 24 24
  • 96 599 24 24
  • +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal and abroad),

If you call 707 50 24 24 using the landline you will pay a maximum of 0.10 € per minute; if you choose to call us using a mobile phone, the maximum cost per minute will be of 0.25 €. These charges are subject to VAT.

At the Branch:

  • Visit a Millennium bcp branch and request to apply. You may also supply the email address where you'd like to start receiving your Statements at that time.
  • After you've joined this service, your Combined statement (all accounts) and/or Transaction Statements will no longer be posted to you. Transaction statements regarding securities, however, will continue to be sent by post.
  • You may also join our Alerts service and be notified whenever you have new documents to view. Text message alerts have an associated cost of € 0.125 + VAT (23%). See our Price List.

You may cancel this service at any time, under Maintenance. As of that time, your new documents will be sent by post and will cease to be available for online viewing

To view documents:

Once you've joined you may view all your documents by selecting "e-documents - View" in the Accounts megamenu. There you may choose which documents you want to view, by date and reference, for each current account. Documents will be available for 12 months following date of production.

Digital certificate:

All Combined Statements issued as pdf documents and available for online viewing in your inbox or under the View Documents option shall bear the Digital Certificate signature of Banco Comercial Português, S.A.
The purpose of this signature is to guarantee that the author and issuer of the document is properly identified and that the information therein has not been tampered with. Any changes to the document will be recorded and can be easily detected.

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