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By joining the digital statement you can consult your financial assets and receive all the information regarding your account transactions. Millennium bcp has placed a service at your disposal which allows you to receive your Online Statement by email and view it online in total privacy and safety.

Install the App Millennium and see your digital statement in a simple, fast and safe way, thus contributing to a more sustainable planet without even leaving your home.

Main Advantages

Easier - Receive the Statements directly in your email and save them on your computer, without having to occupy physical space.

Faster - Get your Statements on a monthly basis and access your account details sooner.

Greener - Be environmentally friendly, preserve our planet's resources and contribute towards a better future.

More Accessible - Extracts from the last 12 months are always available on the App Millennium and on the Site.

To susbcribe the digital statement


After the login, select the "Accounts" option, (if you are not yet registered on the site, click here). Then, choose the option "E-Documents" and then click on "Subscribe". If you want to receive the documents also by email, select "Send by email".
Consult our sending conditions in our Terms of Use.

Contact Center

You can also contact us by phone to request the digital statement subscription. To do it, you will need to have your Account Number and your Multichannel Access Code in your possession. You will also be able to indicate the email address in which you wish to receive your account statements.

For that purpose, please call us using the following phone numbers:

91 827 24 24

93 522 24 24

96 599 24 24

+351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad)

Alerts Service

You can subscribe to the Alerts service, so that you are informed whenever new documents are available for consultation. Sending Alerts by email is free of charge. Sending via SMS has an associated value of 0.125 EUR + VAT (23%). Consult the price list.

With the digital statement everything is simpler and faster.


The cost of the calls depends on the specific prices agreed by you with your telecommunication operator.