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If you want to know everything that happens in your current accounts, cards or securities portfolio subscribe the Alerts service.

This way, whenever an entry is made in your account or a digital document is available for consultation, among other options, you shall be immediately informed (as per the sending conditions).

This service is available via e-mail or SMS (on your mobile phone)*.

* Alerts sent by e-mail are free of charge. The bank charges a fee of € 0.10 + VAT per Alert sent via SMS. This service is also subject to the fees you have agreed with your mobile operator.

To create new Alerts:

1st Step - Authorize the account debit
Thefees due to Alerts sent are directly debited to the current account you have selected for that purpose. The service will only be activated and ready for you to use after we receive your debit authorization.

2nd Step - Create Alerts
Create the intended Alerts, by e-mail or SMS and keep track of what is happening in your account.

What Alerts can I subscribe?

Current Accounts

  • Balance
  • Transactions (transfers, transactions associated to the account, direct debits, payments, deposits, paid-in salary, credits)
  • Scheduling (payments and top-ups)
  • Cheques (return and payment)

 Create Alerts 

Note: Transactions made at an ATM (ex. transfers) or at a Millennium bcp branch (ex. deposits), do not generate any e-mail or SMS Alerts.