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Credit with Benefits for Disabled Persons

Credit with Benefits for Disabled Persons

0.6% TAEG

Do you want to join us and buy a house?


To buy a house is so much more than choosing a place to live. It really is the beginning of a long-lasting relationship where the trust between the parties involved is as important as the selection of the house.

If you are considering buying, repair or build a house, come and pay us a visit!


This type of loan is specifically for the purchase, building or the making of repairs in your own permanent residence and enables civilian disabled people (in accordance with law 64/2014 and with a disability degree of 60% or higher) to take advantage of a subsidized rate.

  • Instalments of capital and interests from the beginning of the loan;
  • Purposes: purchase, transfers, building and repairs in a permanent residence;
  • Terms up to 40 years, with an age limit of 75 years for all proponents;
  • Loan amount up to 90% of the lowest acquisition / valuation amount with the current limit of € 190,000 (updated annually based on the consumer price index).
  • Life Insurance: It is not mandatory to take out life insurance to access the conditions legally provided for this type of credit.

Fees and Commissions

Credit pricing

Example for a 30-year-old consumer - Financing of 100 thousand euros, with mortgage; evaluation value 150 thousand euros; 67% LTV; term of 30 years. Product “Subsidized Credit for People with Disabilities", Purchasing purpose, Initial Commissions 748.80 €; Contract expenses 470 €; Credit opening stamp tax € 600; Multi-risk insurance premium, with monthly payments of € 8.61.

0.6% TAEG (annual effective interest rate) - 0.000% TAN (annual nominal rate), (corresponds to 65% of the European Central Bank's refinancing rate); Average monthly Life Insurance premium of € 12.57; 360 monthly installments of € 277.78 - Total Amount Imputed to the Consumer of € 109,444.11.

It does not exempt you from consulting the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information. Insurance marketed by Ocidental - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros, S.A. and Ocidental - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros de Vida, S.A.

Subject to credit risk analysis.
The credit is granted by Banco Comercial Português S.A., without credit intermediation, and is guaranteed by a mortgage on the property. The granting of credit is subject to Banco de Portugal's macroprudential rules. The applied interest rate (TAN) can assume negative values depending on the evolution of the respective index.​

How to subscribe

If you wish to subscribe the Mortgage Loan, we suggest you:

  • Make the simulation of your loan now.
  • Go to your Millennium bcp Branch.
  • For further information please call 91 827 24 24 / 93 522 24 24 / 96 599 24 24 / +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or abroad) - Personal assistance 24/7.

This way you can get all the information necessary and find out which credit suits you best and offers you the most advantageous conditions.​​

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