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Home Loans Solutions

At Millennium bcp if you purchase your house now you get even more advantages!

Until March 31st 2019, we offer you interest free instalments for 3 months, up to a accrued maximum amount of €2,000 in interests not charged. Whether you choose a fixed rate or an indexed rate, you may get this advantage, which would enable you to minimise costs in the first few months of the loan.

All you need to do is choose your New House!


  • interest free instalments during the first 3 months, in mortgage financing, acquisition purpose.

Campaign valid for proposals signed until March 31st 2019 and as long as the instalments are paid on time.

These conditions cannot be combined with any other special conditions in effect.

How would I benefit?

Below are examples1 of the amount of interests you would not pay.

Credit Interest free months Total amount of interests not debited
Indexed monthly payment Mixed Rate 7 years
€100,000 3 months €379 €611
€150,000 569 €917
€200,000 €751 €2,000
1 30-year loan; 1,650% spread; 12-month Euribor of December 2018 (-0.129%); 7-year Fixed Rate Index 0.80%.


Subject to credit risk assessment.
Credit is granted by Millennium bcp, without credit intermediation, and is guaranteed by a mortgage on the real estate property. Credit is granted subject to Banco de Portugal’s macro-prudential rules.

The interest rate (TAN) can assume negative values in function of the evolution of the respective indexer.

Example for a 30-year old consumer - 100 thousand Euro loan, with mortgage; 150 thousand euro evaluation; 67% LTV; 30-year term. Indexed monthly payment; Purpose: acquisition, 3 monthly instalments free of interests - Initial fees €792.50; Contractual fees €470; Credit opening stamp tax 600€; Monthly fee €2.86; Average monthly Life Insurance Premium €14.9; Multi-risk Insurance Premium with monthly payments of €8.6€.

TAEG with no optional associated sales 3.0% - 2.371% floating TAN (12-month Euribor of December 2018 -0.129% plus base spread of 2.500%) - 360 monthly instalments of €387.52 - Total amount charged to the Client: €150,594.85.

TAEG with optional associated sales 2.3% - 1.671% floating TAN (12-month Euribor of December 2018 -0.129% plus base spread of 1.800%) - 360 monthly instalments of €353.39 - Total amount charged to the Client: €137,900.02.
Presumes the purchase of the following products:

• Salary paid into the account worth €1,000/month;
• Debit or credit card with €1,000 in charges every six months;
• Multi-risk Insurance with Ocidental Seguros;
• Life Insurance with Ocidental Vida

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information. Insurances sold by Ocidental - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros, S.A. and Ocidental - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros de Vida, S.A. Tied insurance intermediary Banco Comercial Português, S.A., Sociedade Aberta (company open to public investment). The Mediator is not authorized to enter into insurance contracts on behalf of the Insurance Companies or to receive insurance premiums to be delivered to the Insurance Company. The Mediator shall not be liable for the cover of the risks inherent to the insurance contract, which will be fully taken on by the Insurance Company.


Indexed monthly payment

Mixed Rate