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Crédito Auto Novos
with mortgage

6.4% TAEG

Quickly grab a deal.


6.4% TAEG

With terms from 12 to 96 months, and lower monthly payments than traditional consumer credit facilities, Car Credit with mortgage is the auto financing solution for new vehicles that will let you quickly grab a deal or exchange your current vehicle.

Fees and Commission


Loan: 16,000€;
Retail price: 20,000€;
Initial Deposit: 20%
Term: 96 months
Initial fees: 320,00€ (includes Stamp Duty at current rate)
Monthly payments during the first year: 192.83€
Monthly payments during the remaining period: 199.68€
Nominal Interest Rate: 3.561% (12M Euribor 360 Day + 3.900% spread) on the first 12 months and 4.561% (12M Euribor 360 Day + 4.900% spread) on the remaining period, for Clients that subscribed our Integrated Solution of Bank Products and Services Cliente Frequente.
TAEG (annual effective interest rate): 6.4%

This indexed rate is calculated as a monthly average of 12-month Euribor daily values of a 360-day calendar, on the month preceding each interest period, rounded off to the nearest thousandth (rounded up when the fourth decimal place is five or more, and rounded down when less), -0.339% September 2019, plus a margin that will be set when the financing is approved, depending on the client's risk profile and the operation. Stamp Duty on Opening of Loan (384.00€) for a total loan of 16,000.00€. Total amount charged to client 20.133,74€.
Taking out a personal loan depends on the Bank's prior assessment and decision on the possible credit risk and collateral.

Credit is granted subject to Banco de Portugal's macro-prudential rules.

View our Price List for further information on Car Loans with mortgage.



Vehicles you may hire purchase

New passenger or commercial vehicles;

Initial payment

10% of retail price (minimum).


12 to 96 months;

Interest rate

12 months Euribor, plus a spread defined according to the Client profile and the risk of the operation.

Mandatory insurance

Covers required:

  • Public Liability: 50.000,00€
  • Proper Damages (crash, collision or rollover; theft or robbery; fire, lightning strike or explosion): 8% maximum deductible

All rights reserved to Millennium bcp.

Property of the vehicle

The vehicle is the property of the client, with a mortgage on behalf of the Bank;

Accounting and Taxation

Subject to stamp duty at current rate on opening of loan and on interests.

The information contained in this document does not relieve a careful reading of the contractual conditions.

How to apply

For further information on Crédito Auto Novos with morgage, visit any Millennium bcp branch or call 707 50 24 24 (24/7 Personalised Attendance).

Before requesting any credit, you should:

  • Assess the need for the expense you will incur.
  • Consider the amount of the instalment of the new credit, together with the monthly income and expenses of your household and be sure that this new monthly payment will not compromise your budget.
  • Get all the information you deem relevant for making an informed decision before signing the contract.
  • Read the contract carefully and pay attention to the specific conditions of the loan, namely the amount, term, instalments and rates.

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