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Do you want a new car?
You don't have to buy one anymore!


Do you want a new car?

We've got news for you: you don't need to buy one anymore! With Renting, you get to use a car and also enjoy a service package with a number of advantages:

  • Only pay for usage of the car (the difference between purchase price and estimated market value as at end of agreement);
  • Get discounts on purchasing and maintaining cars;
  • Fixed rental payments till end of contract. Monthly rental payments may be altered if your premium is included in the calculation and the insurer decides to make any changes;
  • Essential car services already included (preventive and corrective maintenance, insurance, accident and tax management).


Fees and Commission

Visit a Millennium bcp branch or call 707 50 24 24 (24/7 Helpdesk) and find out what conditions we've got to offer you.


New car rental agreement  (terms between 24 and 48 months), with linked services (preventive and corrective maintenance, tax management, insurance and accident management and replacement vehicle). Fixed monthly payments throughout the entire length of contract, which cover both rental and services.


On top of the basic car services you may also add a set of optional services to your Renting agreement to best suit your particular needs.

Essential Services

  • If you purchase a car, we'll choose the best supplier and price for the car you want, check delivery dates, make the payment and make sure all legal documents and procedures are taken care of;
  • All scheduled maintenance, and repair expenses resulting from normal car usage, are covered in the fixed monthly payments. Maintenance and repairs are carried out in our select car shop network. Service available in most European countries;
  • 24h Driver Support, all year round;
  • Portuguese Single Car Tax is payable on a yearly basis, and is already included in the monthly payments;
  • Car Repairs Management lets you cut down on car maintenance costs and organise a schedule by controlling when repairs are carried out, costs, receipts, quality and full use of covers;
  • Compulsory Roadworthiness Test ("IPO") for the rental cars is included in the monthly payments.
  • Tyre Replacement as established in the agreement and up to the agreed number of tyres. You may choose to include these costs in your monthly payments;
  • Replacement Vehicle in the event that your car breaks down as a result of maintenance, malfunction (minimum of 4h without car starting), accident or theft. Category of replacement vehicle as established in the agreement;
  • Pre-Delivery of a rental car at a special price, in case you have to wait for the delivery of the car you've selected;
  • Insurance - we'll take care of negotiating and renewing a comprehensive set of covers suited to your needs. These covers include Public Liability (max. 50m Euros), Own Damage, Passengers, Natural Phenomena; Collision, Crash and Rollover, Malicious Acts, Theft or Burglary and One-off Breakage of Glass (no deductible).
    If you wish, you may take out the insurance on your own initiative (for example, keep the plan you're already on) but, at least, safeguard rights in favour of lessor with Public Liability and Own Damage covers.
  • Accidents Management guarantees the management of possible accidents and also that technical tests, repairs and deliveries of cars are carried out as quickly as possible.

Additional Services

Management and Consultancy - Fuel Management, tolls ("Via Verde") and fines.

Rental Partnership

Agreements under our RENTING offer are signed with  SGald Automotive, a fleet management company of the Société Générale Group, with which BCP has signed a partnership agreement. SGald Automotive - Sociedade Geral de Comércio e Aluguer de Bens, SA, Stockholders' Equity € 10.000.000, Legal Entity No. 503188620.

See the SGALD Automotive Services price list here.

How to apply

To apply for Renting, you should contact your Manager or visit any Millennium bcp branch.

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