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Virtual Portfolio

Make a virtual investment in:

Shares   Investment Funds   Warrants   Certificates   Bonds

and check if your investments reached the target!

With this tool you may simulate real market prices, investing in the financial instruments that better match your investor profile, using the amounts you want and having, at all times, information on the losses and gains of the fictitious portfolio you have created.


You may, at any time, purchase or sell your securities as if your were making a real investment and check,  as if you had really invested in the securities you have chosen, if you would have made a good investment, or not.

Test your investor skills in this simulator
and see if you can reach your objectives
in terms of the profit you intended to obtain.

Learn all the advantages of investing in

The information provided is merely informative and personal and should not and cannot be construed as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell or to do anything, any operation or transaction and it should not be used as basis or incorporated into any agreement or contract. Any changes to the market conditions may imply changes to this information. Investors must view this information as another tool in the investment decision-making process. Before they subscribe to any products or services, investors should take into consideration their adequacy to their risk profile, being exclusively responsible for ascertaining such adequacy.
The Bank does not gather, handle or in any other way uses the data, personal or other, entered by the Client into the simulator.

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