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  • Leveraging - increasing exposure to market variations may considerably increase the profitability, positive or negative, of your investments;
  • Possibility of investing in the largest stock indexes, in day-trade, with higher amounts than those available;
  • Triple your investment: for each € 2,500 you invest, provides € 5,000;
  • Only the amount effectively used bears interests, not the total amount available. Plus quarterly commitment fee on the unused loan amount;
  • The securities transactions are made by the Customers, enabling them to make their decisions and manage their investments directly;
  • Personal assistance.


Nominal interest rate: Euribor (European InterBank Offered Rate) 180 days, resulting from the simple average of daily quotes in the month prior to each interest-bearing period, rounded to three decimal places, plus the spread indicated in the Specific Conditions.

Main features

CrediBolsa is a credit facility that allows you to trade securities of the best stock indexes:

The maximum amount of the loan is twice the amount invested by you.

The credit facility starts at € 5,000 with a maximum of € 100,000, and requires a minimum investment of € 2,500 from you. This way you can triple the value of your investments, though always subject to market variations.

It is valid for 6 months and at the end of that period of time you have two options:

  • Renewal (depending on the prior credit risk appraisal and decision);
  • Termination (any party can terminate the agreement, until at least 15 days prior to the end date, thus closing the CrediBolsa account).

Cooling-off period

You may revoke the agreement within seven business days after the date it is signed by notifying the Bank of your intention.

Loan agreements depend on the prior appraisal and decision of the credit risk and on the eventual collaterals required by the Bank.

How can I apply

To apply for CrediBolsa you should follow the instructions below:

1. Open an account
Click on "Open CrediBolsa Account", and apply for an account;

2. Documentation (receiving and returning them)
After you receive the documentation (agreement, general conditions, promissory note) sent by the Bank to the address of your Current Account, you should:

  • Read all the documents carefully;
  • Fill them in;
  • Return them in the SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope) you received with the documents.

3. Using the credit facility
After your CrediBolsa account is set up Millennium bcp will contact you and you will be able to immediately use the amount made available.

As of that moment, the Bank will make the credit amount available in your account and the loan is granted. The initial capital invested by you can be paid through the transfer of cash or securities.

Example for a € 5,000 credit facility

Invested by you (initial capital) € 2,500
Granted by the Bank * € 5,000
Total investment allowed € 7,500

* The Bank will lend you up to twice the amount you invest.

This way you can triple the value of your investments, though always subject to market variations.

Other FAQ

Default levels

Whenever the value of the portfolio falls below the total investment allowed, you will receive an e-mail warning you that you must immediately increase the CrediBolsa account.

The warning is issued when:
  • Cover degree falls below 150%.
  • Cover degree falls below 125%.

The securities will be automatically sold when the cover degree reaches 110% or when the account has been in default for 8 days straight. The number of days in default is the number of days the CrediBolsa account is allowed to have a cover degree below 125%.

The level of default is available for consultation at Portfolio, Credibolsa Account Details.

Risks of investing using credit

Using credit to invest in the stock market considerably increases the risk associated to these transactions and to the exposure to market variations.

  • You may have to transfer additional amounts to cover the amount agreed on if the quotes of the securities in the portfolio fall significantly;
  • The gains may not be enough to cover all the expenses incurred with the credit, namely the interests due;
  • You will have to pay a quarterly commitment fee on the unused loan amoun.
  • Only experienced investors should invest in securities using CrediBolsa;
  • If you experience losses, these will also accrue the credit expenses;
  • If your investment is not in Euros, it will also be subject to foreign exchange risk.


Additional Information



1. Stamp duty on the amount used:

  • The stamp duty rate is of 0.4% and it is charged on the monthly average of the loan amount used, computed by adding the balance amount due every day, throughout the whole month, divided by 30 and applying the stamp duty rate;
  • The amount estimated is then debited from the Credibolsa account on the last business day of the month, being that the value date, and subsequently this debit entry is transferred to the current account charged for the interest owed (if any);

2. Stamp duty on interests: 4%.

3. Stamp duty on the commitment fee: 4%.

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