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Investment Alerts Servive

If you wish to be warned whenever an event occurs that you deem important, the investment alerts are a service not to be missed.

The ability to react to financial markets variations is paramount so that you don't miss out on investment opportunities.

Find out more about the alerts available:

Alert - Quotes

Get an alert whenever the security(ies) you want reach the conditions you pre-defined.

Follow the quotes of the main securities in the Euronext markets:

  • Lisbon Stock Exchange - PSI
  • Brussels Stock Exchange - BEL20
  • Amsterdam Stock Exchange - AEX
  • Paris Stock Exchange - CAC40

Alert - Orders' status

Issue your stock market order and we take care of the rest.

Get permanent information on the status of your stock exchange orders;

  • Order Executed
  • Order Rejected
  • Order Expired
  • Order Completed

Alert- Markets

So that you always know what is going on in the financial markets.

We provide three types of alerts for Euronext Lisbon securities:

  • Most traded
  • Biggest rises
  • Biggest falls


The investment alerts service is available by e-mail or SMS (on your mobile phone) *.

* Alerts sent by e-mail bear no costs. The Bank charges a € 0.10 + VAT fee per Alert sent by SMS. This service is also subject to the SMS pricing you have agreed with your mobile phone operator.


To create new Alerts, go to:

1 Authorise debits from the account (only applicable to alerts sent by SMS) - the fees associated to the alerts sent are charged directly to the current account you associate to this service. This service can only be activated and used after the account debit is authorised.
2 Create Alerts - create the alerts you wish to receive by e-mail or by SMS and you'll always know what's going on the financial markets!
3 Consult the Pricing.


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