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Accessible online from your PC or mobile phone, we've got the right Price List for Investors.
Don't miss out on investment opportunities and enjoy our Trader Plus - Euronext Lisbon Market Price List.

As of your 25th monthly exchange order on the Portuguese market, buy and sell orders you place at via Mobile Stock Exchange* or the MStock App will only cost € 7 (must add Stamp Duty at current rate of 4%).

This Price List is valid as of the working day following the placement of your 25th order, and the number of monthly orders is counted between the first and last day of each month.

Be a Trader Plus too and take advantage of our special prices.

* Only available for buying and selling Portuguese stock. See our Price List.
The Bank charges a 0.125 + VAT (23%) per View and € 0.208 + VAT (23%) per Operation executed via Mobile SMS.
This special price does not apply to Credibolsa.

View our Price list.

Comprehensive information for those who wish to invest in Daily Markets and Research.

Certificates and Warrants are complex financial products that are subject to price-fluctuation risks as well as the risk that is inherent to the stock market. Potential investors should have previous experience investing in the stock market and must be aware that stock markets are volatile. This information does not exclude the reading of the trading application forms and technical notes available at, OPEX - Sociedade Gestora de Mercado de Valores Mobiliários Não Regulamentado S.A. head office, the issuer's head office, Euronext Lisbon or

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