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Chave Móvel Digital

Chave Móvel Digital

What is it?

A Mobile Digital Key (CMD) represents a simple and safe form of authentication enabling accessing several private and public websites using only a mobile phone number and a 4 digit PIN (created when the CMD is registered).

How to access?

The access is granted by associating a mobile phone number to the civil identification number of a Portuguese citizen and the number of the passport for a foreign citizen residing in Portugal:

  • Online, at autenticaçã, for citizens holding the Citizen’s card, the card’s reader and respective authentication PIN;
  • Tax Authority website, requesting the remittance of a letter to the address of the holder of the Citizen Card containing a temporary key-word generated automatically and randomly.  After receiving the letter, you will be able to make the authentication using the Mobile Digital Key;
  • In person, when the Citizen card is delivered at the IRN Services; or, without the need of any PIN, at the customer services (Espaço do Cidadão (Citizen Area) or Espaço Empresa (Company Area).

How to use it in Millennium bcp?

The access to the Bank’s homebanking with the Mobile Digital Key requires prior registration.

After concluding the accession to the Mobile Digital Key all you have to do is enter the mobile phone number, the PIN of the Mobile Digital Key and the one off and temporary Safety Code formed by 6 numbers sent by SMS or by e-mail.

Whenever you decide to make the authentication using the Mobile Digital key at the website of Millennium bcp, you will be redirected in a safe manner to the service, where you will receive information on the data requested by the Bank. When you make the authentication using this service you will be granted access to the Bank’s homebanking.

Mobile Digital key
A key that opens all doors!