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Alternative Resolution of Consumer Conflicts

Millennium bcp is a member of the following Consumption Conflicts Arbitration Centres:

  1. Consumer Conflicts Arbitration Centre of Lisbon (
  2. Consumer Information and Arbitration Centre of Porto (

The entities for alternative resolution of consumer disputes are part of the Rede de Arbitragem de Consumo (Consumer Conflicts Arbitration Network).

The list and contacts of these entities are disclosed by the Direção-Geral do Consumidor (Directorate-General for Consumers) on the Consumer website (

You can also resort to the Plataforma Eletrónica para Resolução de Litígios em Linha (European system for the settlement of online disputes) (RLL) to settle your disputes.

How to make a claim at Millennium bcp

  1. On the website, after logging in to the account using the option Banco Mail indicating in the subject "Claim".
  2. Calling Millennium bcp's Centro de Contactos (Contact Centre):
    • 707 50 24 24
    • 91 827 24 24
    • 93 522 24 24
    • 96 599 24 24
    • +351 21 005 24 24 (from Portugal or from abroad)

    Calls to 707 50 24 24 are charged at a maximum of 0.09€ per minute if using a land line; if you call this number using a mobile network the maximum charge per minute will be 0.13€. These charges are subject to VAT.

  3. Searching the email address of your branch in "Onde Estamos" (Where We Are).
  4. Through "Provedoria do Cliente" (Client Ombudsman Office) in the following ways:

    Besides Portuguese, claims may also be written in Spanish, French and English.

    Complaints must be submitted in writing, duly identifying Customers by mandatorily stating his/her/its tax identification number (TIN).