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Covid-19: Adjustments to the functioning of Millennium bcp Branches

Covid-19: Adjustments to the functioning of Millennium bcp Branches

With the purpose of protecting both the clients and employees, Millennium bcp decided to adopt a set of measures to minimize the risk of contagion, among which the way clients can enter the branch in view of the number of employees available to, at each moment, provide servicing.

With this measure the Bank intends to avoid any concentration of people at the Branches and will continue to be able to provide its services to its clients. The financial services will be provided as usual and we request the clients who really must go to Branches to understand that to wait outside the Branch until they are served, protects both the clients, the employees and the community as a whole.

Some Branches are temporally closed or with a different opening time. See here, which are these branches.

At this moment when the risk of propagation of the virus Covid-19 is considered high, we recommend that the clients only go in person to the branches if absolutely necessary and privilege the use of the remote channels, namely App Millennium and the website In case the clients do not have the codes to access the digital channels, they may get them immediately by going to the website or using one of the more 12.000 ATM that exist throughout the country.

We recommend the clients to make payments or transfers through the Millennium App, wherein the payment via MBWay is also available. As a second alternative, we advise the use of the debit or credit card, preferably through the option Contactless. If using this option, the client will merely have to place the card near the automatic payment terminal. The use of notes and coins, should, for hygiene reasons, be considered as a last resort.

Millennium bcp is quite aware of the importance of ensuring the ongoing and safe functioning of the financial services in the turbulent times we are experiencing and it adjusted practices, procedures and processes to, while protecting the health of the employees and of the clients that interact with the Bank, continue available to provide services to its clients with the required safety and with minimal inconvenience for our clients.