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Shop online? Yes, but secure purchases!!

To shop online is an increasing habit of internet users and, if for no other reason, the mere convenience of the action is enough to justify the growing use of this type of service.

To shop online enables you to, in the comfort of our home, make a more detailed analysis of what you intend to purchase and thus purchase in accordance with your specific needs. Like in a shop or in a supermarket, there are some precautions you must take to avoid unpleasant surprises!

Please take into consideration the following before shopping online:

  • Look for information on the entity in the Internet - To confirm the creditworthiness of the entity, research it by its name using search engines. Get references from friends and relatives that may already have purchased items from that entity or research, for instance in forums, to confirm if there are any recurrent claims against that entity.
  • Verify the physical address of the supplier, that is, if it has phone, e-mail and facsimile contacts, etc. Be especially careful with entities that can only be reached through mobile phones. Before purchasing, verify if the contact corresponds to the entity in question and also the entity's functioning policy.
  • Confirm the procedures to present a claim, return items, receive guarantees and other information for your own protection.
  • Check the safety measures adopted by the website to ensure the privacy of your data, especially if you have to provide personal and/or confidential data.
  • Do not provide data that are not essential for the purchase you are making.  Be suspicious if it requests you to provide data that have nothing to do with your specific purchase.
  • Keep the document stating your purchase as well as the name of the website and the purchase reference so that you can provide them in case of need.
  • Keep emails and/or messages that you exchanged with the supplier concerning your purchase or those stating the conditions of the purchase.
  • Confirm the existence of additional charges such as shipping rates or costs and also the delivery or execution deadlines of the purchased services.
  • Request an invoice whenever possible evidencing that the product is trustworthy and was not stolen. This document often serves as a guarantee of the product in case you need to exchange it or return it due to manufacturing defects, for example.
  • If you suspect that your computer may be infected with a virus don't shop online since when you make a purchase you will have to provide confidential data.
  • Avoid purchases made through e-mail messages announcing fantastic promotions. Take into consideration that the addresses or attachments included in the message may lead to false pages designed to obtain your personal and confidential data (Phishing). Always be suspicious of e-mail messages requesting the confirmation of your data without any apparent reason or due to alleged safety checks.
  • Don't give your data to third parties, even if they present themselves as employees of trustworthy entities.
  • Use complex passwords. Don't use dates of birth or other personal references since these are the ones that are tried first by malicious third parties.
  • Check the reputation of the seller at auction websites where, usually, the cost of the products is lower. See the comments made by other users and the products that this seller already promoted /sold and always be suspicious of those with a price significantly below the market prices.
  • Do not use public computers (like the ones in cybercafés) to purchase online since the equipment may be infected with a virus or being watched by third parties.
  • Always verify if the website in question uses SSL, a safety certificate where the data sent by your computer to the server of the entity are encrypted. To check, please confirm that the address begins with  https:// instead of http://
  • Choose safe means of payment when you shop online, such as the payment after delivery or, for example, the services of MB NET and 3D-Secure where your card data are never provided to the suppliers.
  • Be especially careful with the most wanted and valued products in online sales, such as MP3, Game Consoles, Mobile Phones, among other. These products are the most used in online fraud attempts.
  • Always be suspicious of spectacular offers, promotions that you cannot miss and prices significantly below the market ones, especially in situations where you are not familiar with the entity in question.

To shop online safely depends a lot on you!