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Domestic Workers Protection

Work Accidents Insurance-
Domestic Service Contract.


The Domestic Workers Protection is an insurance policy against work accidents that provides you with:

  • Efficient protection with only one insurance: it enables you to protect your employees (domestic workers, gardeners, drivers) not only during service hours but also during their way to and from work (in itinere)
  • Comfort and safety: the work accidents insurance is required by law. If one of your employees suffers a work accident, the Domestic Workers Protection insurance ensures the payment of all indemnities required by law.
  • Integrated System for the Management and Provision of Health Care: your employee will have access to medical specialists, hospitals, clinical centres, supplemental means for diagnosis purposes, available throughout the country. The insurance guarantees:
    • Qualified assistance for an efficient recovery;
    • Comfortable and rapid settlement of incidents by using the phone line 808 30 31 31, available 24h/day, 7 days/week.

02.002.9560 2013/07/03

Fees and Commission

Example of the insurance premium to pay:

Function Salary Total of Salaries Total Annual Premium
Domestic workers € 665/month € 9.310 € 184.50
Domestic workers

€ 6/hour,
6 hours/week

€ 2,184 € 43.28
Driver € 750/month € 10,500 € 357.08

€ 10/hour,
2 hours/week

€ 1,213.33 € 41.27

€ 5.38 cost of the policy including legal charges) will be added to the first payment.​


With the Work Accidents - Domestic Workers Protection, the following benefits are guaranteed:

Benefits in kind

  • Medical and surgical assistance, whether general or specialist, including diagnosis, treatment and also house calls;
  • Pharmaceutical and medication assistance;
  • Nursing;
  • Hospitalization and thermal treatments;
  • Accommodation;
  • Transportation for observation, treatment or attendance to legal procedures;
  • Supply of technical aid and other technical devices to compensate functional limitations, including their replacement and repair;
  • Rehabilitation and professional and social reintegration services, including the adjustment of the work station;
  • Medical rehabilitation services or services targeted at the rehabilitation for the pursuit of an active life;
  • Psychotherapeutic support to the family of the injured person;
  • Psychological and psychiatric help to the injured person and respective family when deemed necessary by the assistant physician.

Cash Benefits

  • Indemnity due to temporary disability for work;
  • Temporary allowance;
  • Indemnity and pension due to permanent disability for work;
  • Allowance due to high permanent disability for work;
  • Death grant;
  • Funeral grant;
  • Survivor pension;
  • Supplementary allowance for assistance provided by third parties;
  • Allowance for home adjustments;
  • Allowance for attending professional rehabilitation actions deemed necessary and appropriate to reintegrate the injured person in the labour market.

Insured Remuneration

Concerning each worker, the insured remuneration is computed as follows:

  • Monthly Payment: monthly wage x 14 months + food and accommodation x 11
  • Payment by the Hour :amount paid by the hour x number of hours per week x 60.667 weeks*.

* includes proportion of the 13th and 14th month.

Phone Line

If a work accident occurs, you should contact the phone number 808 30 31 31, available 24h/day, 7 days/week.

If you use this Line you will get:

  • Help in the contacts to be established with the physician, hospital or other health services provider that better suits your medical needs;
  • Supports you in all the incident resolution stages, providing you with all necessary information and clarifications.

In an emergency and in the impossibility of using the Accidents Line you should go to the nearest Hospital, informing, as soon as possible, the Line by calling 808 30 31 31.

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

Consult here the General and Specific Conditions of the Work Accidents Insurances - Domestic Workers Protection.

How to purchase

1. By mail

For that purpose, you shall have to:

2. Or go to any Millennium bcp branch.​

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