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Médis Health Insurance
Médis Dental

There is a new way to go to the dentist.


Médis Subscribe a Médis Dental Insurance before 30/09/2020 and benefit from the offer of an UBBO gift card worth 15€ per insurance policy or 11% discount on the 1st insurance annuity.
Special offer only applies to the online quotes and insurance taken out till September 30, 2020 (non-cumulative benefits).

With Médis Dental there is a new way of thinking about health. And a new Médis that thought of everything

The Medis Dental Health Insurance has several advantages:

  • It is easy to subscribe and to use: online subscription, without medical questionnaire. Médis Dental has no grace periods, pre-existing conditions, deductibles and age limits of subscription and permanence.
  • You can visit your Dentist for 3 €: Médis pays 100% of the most frequent medical acts (appointments, dental hygiene, devitalizations, restoration and others), with a copayment of 3 € per visit.
  • Quantity discounts: with maximum of 20% of discount, depending on the number of persons in the insurance.
  • More advantages: in treatments that normally are not covered by other health insurance products, such as implants, bleaching and others.
  • Online Doctor: the Online Doctor service is always with you, anywhere and at any time, through the Médis app. If you feel sick or have questions about medication or an exam, you can make an appointment for the moment or schedule when it is most convenient for you.
  • Access to Médis Dental Network: a selection of dentists and dental clinics with specialized teams and treatments. You just have to choose the one that is closest to you.
  • Access to other advantages of Médis: with Médis Dental you have also access to Health and Wellness Network, Line Médis, website and app Médis.

Fees and Commissions

Number of Insured Persons Premium per Insured Person
Monthly Quarterly Six-monthly Annual
1 11.13 € 32.76 € 64.26 € 126.00 €
2 10.60 € 31.20 € 61.20 € 120.00 €
3 10.02 € 29.49 € 57.84 € 113.40 €
4 9.43 € 27.78 € 54.60 € 106.80 €
5 9.18 € 27.00 € 52.98 € 103.92 €
6 ou + 8.90 € 26.22 € 51.42 € 100.80 €

To the premiums above, it will be added, in the first payment, the policy cost of 5,38 € (it includes legal charges).

With Médis Dental:

  • What you pay does not change with your age;
  • You can choose the frequency of payment of the insurance (montlhy, quarterly, six-monthly or annual), being applied charges according to the frequency of payment choosen;
  • If you add more persons from your household you can have the following discounts:
Nº Pessoas na Apólice % of Discount
2 Insured Persons 5%
3 Insured Persons 10%
4 Insured Persons 15%
5 Insured Persons 17.5%
6 or more Insured Persons 20%


Médis Dental allows you to do the most frequent dental treatments, for only 3 € per visit:

Covers Limits Copayments

3 € per visit

Appointment Unlimited
Extraction of Deciduous Tooth Unlimited
Bimaxillary Removal of Calculus 2 per annuity
Topical Application of Fluorides 2 per annuity
Application of Dental Sealants (by quadrant) Once every 2 years
Control of Fixed Brace 3 per annuity
First Session of Endodontics 1 per annuity
Orthopantomography 1 per annuity
Restoration 2 per annuity
Orthodontics Study Pack 1 per annuity
Implantology Study Pack 1 per annuity

Provides you special prices in treatments, including aesthetics:

  • Braces placement
  • Invisalign brances
  • Teeth whitening
  • Implant placement
  • Dental faces placement
  • Among others

See the Price Table here

Age limits of subscription and permanence

Médis Dental has no age limit of subscription and permanence. It is available to every Client.

Grace periods

Médis Dental has no grace periods, which means that as soon as you subscribed you can use the insurance in the Médis Dental Network.

Conditions of use

To use Médis Dental you do not need pre-authorizations.

To benefit from all the advantages of Medis Dental you have to choose a Dental Clinic from the Médis Dental Network, which is available on > Guia Médis > Rede Médis Dental.


Does not relieve a careful reading of the pré- contractual and contractual conditions legally required.

How to subcribe

Millennium bcp Clients

You can choose one of the three possibilities available for you to subscribe Médis Dental:

1. Online Subscription

2. In any Millennium bcp branch

3. By mail (you need to print, fill and send the form). You should follow the following steps:

Clients from other Banks

You can choose one of the following two possibilities:

1. In any Millennium bcp branch

2. By Mail (you need to print, fill and send the form). You should follow the following steps:

  • Read the General and Special Conditions of Médis Dental;
  • Print and fill the form “Insurance Proposal Medis Dental”;

    Send the form to the following address:
    Ocidental - Companhia Portuguesa de Seguros, S.A.
    Tagus Park, Edif. 10 - Piso 0
    2744-002 Porto Salvo

  • Add a copy of the personal identification document of each person of the insurance (example: Citizen Card or Passport and the paxpayer card).

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