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What is Travel Protection?

Travel Protection is a Personal Accident insurance policy that provides round-the-clock protection in the event of accident during a trip (including stay) anywhere in the world (with the exception of countries at risk of war or conflict).

What options does Travel Protection have?

Travel Protection has 2 options, both with an extensive offer of sums insured and covers:

  • Day-to-Day Option: ideal for those who travel from time to time and wish to cover just those days of the trip;
  • Annual Option: ideal for the frequent traveller, this solution offers permanent travel protection, 365 days per year, freeing you of the need to take out insurance each time you travel.
With the Annual Option, is insurance valid regardless of the length of the trip?

Lengthy trips are covered for the first 90 days, unless expressly stated otherwise in the Additional Terms and Conditions.

Does Travel Protection cover all sports accidents?

Accidents sustained while doing sports or participating in sports events at a professional level - or amateur but in tournaments or respective training - are not covered.

Winter sports lovers may take out the "Winter Sports" cover against amateur skiing and snowboarding accidents.

Does Travel Protection cover against accidents occurring in any country in the world?

Yes, it covers all areas in the world, only with the exception of countries at risk of war or conflict.

With Travel Protection, what happens if my luggage is stolen?

If you take out the Personal Luggage cover, Travel Protection will pay out compensation for theft of your personal luggage, up to the limit established in the Additional Terms and Conditions. "Theft" and "stolen" means disappearance of secured luggage by means of violence or forced opening.

"Luggage" means clothing and items of personal hygiene usually carried on trips as well as the respective travelling cases and bags. Regardless of the sum insured, compensation is limited to € 500 per object or volume.

If I fall ill and have to cancel or interrupt my trip, will Travel Protection pay out compensation for resulting damage?

The Travel Assistance cover (if taken out) includes a guarantee against Trip Cancellation or Disruption due to unavoidable casualty whereby the Insurer, through the Care service, will repay any irrecoverable transportation and accommodation costs up to a limit of € 500 per claim, under the Travel Assistance Special Terms.

How do I make a claim under my Travel Protection cover?

You may submit a claim at any Millennium bcp branch. Claims must always be submitted with all receipts and proof of reimbursable expenditure.

How can I take out Travel Protection?

You can do so online here at's Insurance webpage, or at any brancho.

To make your choice of sums insured and covers easier, we've pre-selected 3 options exclusively for online enrolment. For different sums insured and covers you must visit a Millennium bcp branch.