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What is Multiple-Risk Home insurance?

It's insurance designed to protect your home, considering all the hazards that could damage or destroy the building and its contents.

What protection options do I have?

You can protect the building and/or the contents of your home. Nevertheless, you can choose to take out a set of basic covers or to complete your home protection with optional covers of your choice.

What are the advantages of taking out Contents insurance?

The personal property you have in your home are an important part of your assets. More often than not, you've collected these items throughout your lifetime and they are by now a part of your history. Have you ever thought of the value of the furniture and property you have at home? By insuring these assets you'll be protecting them from a number of hazards, namely theft/larceny, floods, fire, etc.

How much should I insure?

The building must be insured for the market value of reconstructing it, taking into account the type of construction and other factors that might affect that cost.

Regarding contents, the sum insured should be how much it would cost, for the term of the insurance, to replace the insured property for new items.

What is a deductible?

Amount which is, in case of claim, the insured's responsibility. This amount or its calculation is established in the insurance agreement.

What is a compensation limit?

 It's the maximum amount (also called sum insured) the insurer will pay out if the claim is covered by the policy.

What are special objects?

Objects that deserve special attention on account of their characteristics or value. They must be detailed and given a value in the Proposal Form. Examples of special objects are: gold, jewellery, furs, collector's items, video recorders and similar devices, art objects and antiques.