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What are the Médis Vintage and Médis Vintage Plus Options?

They are two Médis Health Plan options designed for Clients aged 55 to 75. If you're worried about getting the proper protection in terms of health care and quality medical assistance from renowned physicians at private hospitals, then this is the insurance plan for you.

What distinguishes these 2 new options?

These options can be taken out simply and quickly, and you needn't fill in Clinical Questionnaires or go through medicals.

The Médis Vintage and Médis Vintage Plus Options don't cease due to age and provide a set of covers designed to protect your health: in addition to the coverage of Inpatient and Outpatient, you can benefit from extensive Home Assistance services, such as, 1 flu vaccine per year and the Online Medical service that is always with you, anywhere and anytime, through the Médis app. You'll also gain access to the 2nd Opinion network, where you can resort to the opinion of world-class clinical specialists when there are doubts as to diagnosing a serious illness.

The Médis Vintage Plus option also offers a €1m cover for Critical Illness. This cover grants you access, in the event of critical illness (cancer, pathologies requiring brain surgery, heart bypass, heart valve replacement and organ transplant), to the best specialists and hospital units around the world.

How old do I need to be to take out the Médis Vintage and Médis Vintage Plus options?

Between 55 and 75.

Do I have to go through medicals to take out Médis Vintage and Médis Vintage Plus?

No, you don't.  It's very easy to take out these 2 options, and you don't need to fill in Clinical Questionnaires or go through medicals.

Do these 2 options cease as of a certain age?

The Médis Vintage and Médis Vintage Plus Options have no upper age limit: if you are 55-75, you may take out these options, and they won't cease due to age.

What are the advantages of taking out these two options?

If you take out the Médis Vintage and Médis Vintage Plus Options, you'll have access to the Médis Integrated Health Care System.

Here are some highlights:

  • Médis Network: over 6,000 Physicians from all medical specialties, 90 Hospitals, 600 Clinics, 50 Emergency or 24-hour Service Units as well as 1,500 Diagnostic and Therapy Centres guarantee that, wherever you are, you can always count on the Médis network;
  • Médis Card: a personal card which identifies you as the holder and grants you access to Médis network professionals and health services
  • Médis Helpline: a 24h personalised helpdesk open all year round, where nurses provide a permanent service of information and counselling, and can direct you to the proper health care services, all in a simple and accessible manner, under medical supervision.
  • Médis Assistant Physician: a General and Family Practitioner or Internal Medicine specialist ready to attend you, either in person or via mobile phone;
  • Personalised Médis assistance in hospitals: at the CUF Infante Santo, CUF Descobertas and the Luz and Lusíadas hospitals you may count on personalised assistance from a Médis team, who'll provide effective assistance at a dedicated unit;
  • Health & Well-Being Network: with the Médis Card you get a number of discounts: health & fitness clubs, spas, opticians (at Multiópticas, Optivisão, InstitutÓptico and Conselheiros da Visão stores), home care providers, nursing services, clinical psychology, speech therapy, specialised transportation and aesthetics.
What does the Home Care Services include?

In the event that you have to look after someone after they have been hospitalised, it guarantees different care services, such as Physiotherapy and Nursing, Cleaning and Personal Hygiene, and Feeding.

  • Physiotherapy and Nursing Services at Home
  • Cleaning Services & Personal Hygiene at Home
  • Feeding Services at Home
  • Home Medication Delivery
  • Clinical Analyzes at Home
  • Non-urgent transportation
What is the 2nd Opinion network (Best Doctors) cover?

A cover that provides access to the InterConsultationTM Program. If there are doubts as to the diagnosis of certain illnesses, you may resort to the opinion of world-known medical specialists included on our Best Doctors database.

Prestigious medical specialists will analyse your clinical history and if necessary carry out additional examinations to help them establish a diagnosis and recommend the correct course of treatment.

What are the advantages of using the Médis network?

A guarantee of quality, scope and efficiency of a rigorously-selected network of healthcare providers, as well as: accessible prices, the fact that you only need to pay for a part of the value of the medical intervention (co-pay).

How do I join on the Médis website?

All new clients must first pre-register on the website. You must then follow the steps described in the letter you will receive with your Médis card to activate and finalise your online registration.

If you haven't pre-registered, go to,enter 'Clients' and select 'Register'.

After you've read and accepted the Médis Website Membership Conditions, press 'OK' at the bottom of the page.

Finally, fill in the fields according to the instructions that came with the form.