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What is Médis Dental?

Médis Dental is a health insurance focused on the reimbursment of medical dental treatments, promoting the prevention on oral health.

Whitout medical questionnaire, age limits of subscription or permanence, it is accessible to all Clients.

How can I use Médis Dental?

You just need to choose the Dental Clinic, from Médis Dental Network that is closest to you:

  • At, consult Guia Médis and choose the option Médis Dental Network and check the dental clinic that is closest to you;
  • Contact directly the clinic to schedule your medical appointment.
How much does it cost? And a medical appointment?

Médis Dental costs 10,5€ per month (this amount may vary according to the frequency of payment and the number of insured persons included in the policy).

With this insurance you can do the most common dental treatments with a copayment of 3 € per visit.

To see the price of all dental treatments available, please check the complete Price Table of Médis Dental.

Can I go to any dental clinic?

No. With this insurance you can choose any Dental Clinic from Médis Dental Network, with selected clinics that meet high standards of quality, convenience and proximity.

Go to, consult the Guia Médis, select the option Médis Dental Network and choose the dental clinic closest to you.

Can I go to an emergency appointment?

Yes. If you have an emergency, you can go to a Clinic from Médis Dental Network and you will have a doctor.

Do I need to have other Médis health insurance to subscribe Médis Dental?

No. You can subscribe Médis Dental without having any other Médis health insurance.

Médis Dental is an insurance focused on Dental Medicine and it can be subscribed by all Clients: Clients without Médis insurance, Clients with other health insurance and Clients without any health insurance.

Do I have grace periods with Médis Dental?

No. You can start using Médis Dental insurance as soon as you know your card number and the payment of the insurance is made.