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Subscribe a Médis Health Plan Option and benefit of the exemption of the
 12th monthly payment in the first insurance annuity.
Special offer only applies to the online quotes and insurance taken out on
 Millennium bcp website till 11/02/2022.

Our Médis Health Plan gives you access to a wide set of advantages:

  • Online Doctor: The Online Doctor service is always with you, anywhere and at any time, through the Médis app. If you feel sick or have questions about medication or an exam, you can make an appointment for the moment or schedule when it is most convenient for you;
  • Médis Network: Extensive network comprising more than 13.000 doctors and more than 8.000 locations where Customers can schedule appointments and carry out examinations, treatments or surgeries. A high-quality network that covers the entire national territory;
  • Médis Card: A personalized card that gives you access to the services of Médis Network and also to all the advantages of Health and Well-being Network;
  • Médis Line: Nurses available by telephone 24h a day, 365 days a year. A permanent healthcare information advice and referral service;
  • Médis Medical Assistant: a dedicated doctor that allows you to benefit from permanent follow-up through a medical appointment or by phone.

How Médis works.

From now on, Options 2 and 3 of Médis Health Insurance have a Reinforced Oncological Protection. Because anyone can be affect by cancer, we've strengthen the protection for oncological disease with:

  • Increase in Hospitalization and Outpatient capital, which are renewable annually and which can also be used in the treatment of current or future cancer disease, as long as you maintain your Médis Insurance;
  • Creation of two new specific coverages for oncology: Prostheses and Orthotics and Assistance Services.
​ ​

Fees and Commissions

The premium varies depending on the Option chosen and the age of the Insured Person.

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Depending on the number of individuals of the same family included in this insurance, the following quantity discounts will be applied:

Number of individuals included in the Policy Discount %
2 Individuals Insured 2.5%
3 Individuals Insured 5%
4 Individuals Insured 10%
5 or more Individuals Insured 15%

The Insurer's risk analysis may imply changes to the premium, or the exclusion of certain covers.


Additional services:

  • Médis Website: here you can quickly and conveniently find all the information you need. On the Médis website you can find general information on Médis or more particular information on your personal insurance plan:
    • General, Special and Additional Conditions of your insurance;
    • Capitals available;
    • View and change personal details;
    • View and join Médis Medical Assistant;
    • Request documents and cards;
    • Pre-authorisation procedures;
    • Médis Guide;
    • Submit online your health expenses made outside Médis network- repayment within 72 hours - without the need to send the documentation by mail;
    • Health information with clinical articles and also about exercise, nutrition and well-being.
  • Clinical history timeline: here you have available all the health services you've benefited from and the co-payments of covers and capitals used. You can find this information in the Client page of the Médis website or you can also call to Médis Lineto clear up any doubt you may have.
  • Online Doctor: The Online Doctor service is always with you, anywhere and at any time, through the Médis app. If you feel sick or have questions about medication or an exam, you can make an appointment for the moment or schedule when it is most convenient for you.
  • Médis Guide: Available on  Médis website and organised by geographical area, here you can check the healthcare providers that belong toMédis network and Health and Well-being network.
  • International Network: The Médis International Network includes world-renowned hospitals: Cíinica Universitária de Navarra (Pamplona and Madrid) and Barcelona Medical Centre (Spain), Johns Hopkins (USA) and Deutsches Herzzentrum Berlin (Germany).
  • 2nd Opinion: with high quality medical service (accreditation by Joint Commission International), the Clínica Universitária de Navarra provides, through its experts, the confirmation of a diagnosis or treatment.
  • Health & Well-Being Network: with the Médis Card you get discounts at entities that have protocols in place with Médis, such as health clubs, spas, opticians, nutritionist, home care providers, nursing services, clinical psychology, speech therapy, specialised transportation and aesthetics.

Options, Covers and Sums

Because health is essential, our Médis Health Plan offers 3 Options. All you need to do is choose which health plan is best to protect you and your family.

Amounts in Euro

Covers and Sums insured Option 1 Option 2 Option 3
Base 15.000,00 50.000,00 1.000.000,00
Reinforced Oncological Protection - Additional 50.000,00 Unlimited
Birth - Included in Hospitalization Included in Hospitalization




2.500,00 5.000,00
Reinforced Oncological Protection - Additional 2.500,00 Additional 5.000,00

Online Doctor

Online Doctor Included Included Included

2nd Opinion

2nd Opinion Included (1) Included (1) Included (1)
Oncology - Prostheses and Orthoses
Bracelet for Breast Implants - 40,00
(1 per annuity)

(1 per annuity)

External bilateral breast prosthesis -

(1 per annuity)

(1 per annuity)

External unilateral breast prosthesis -

(1 per annuity)

(1 per annuity)

Wigs -

(1 for life)

(1 for life)

Ostomy support products - 500,00 500,00
Oncology - Assistance Services
Transport of Patients - 2 transportations per annuity 2 transportations per annuity
Psychological Support - 5 appointments per annuity 5 appointments per annuity
Comfort Service (2) - 1.000,00 per annuity 1.000,00 per annuity
Home Nursing Care - 10 Utilizações per annuity 10 Utilizações per annuity
Dental - 250,00
Serious Illness
Serious Illness (3) - - 1.000.000,00
International (4) (4) Included
Physiotherapy 500,00 (5) 500,00 500,00
Psychiatry appointments 6 individual sessions or
12 group sessions (5)
6 individual sessions or
12 group sessions
6 individual sessions or
12 group sessions
Within Médis Network (6) 100% 100% 100%
Outside Médis Network 35% 35% 35%
Braces and Dental Prosthetic Devices - 50% Within Médis Network (7)
35% Outside Médis Network (7)
50% Within Médis Network (7)
35% Outside Médis Network (7)
In-patient 10%, Min. 200,00 e Máx. 500,00 10%, Min. 200,00 e Máx. 500,00 10%, Min. 200,00 e Máx. 500,00
Chemotherapy 10% por sessão, Máx. 500,00 10% por sessão, Máx. 500,00 10% por sessão, Máx. 500,00
Births - Normal birth: 250,00
Caesarean section: 600,00
Normal birth: 250,00
Caesarean section: 600,00
Primary Healthcare Appointments (8) 17,00 (5) 17,00 17,00
Médis Medical Assistant 12,50(5) 12,50 12,50
Specialty appointments 17,00 (5) 17,00 17,00
Online Doctor Without co-payment Without co-payment Without co-payment
Urgency 40,00 (5) 40,00 40,00
Home Medical Visits 25,00 (5) 25,00 25,00
Clinical Exams (per exam) 1,50 (5) 1,50 1,50
Pathological Anatomy 7,50 (5) 7,50 7,50
X-rays 7,50(5) 7,50 7,50
Sound scan 12,50(5) 12,50 12,50
Nuclear Medicine 10%(5) 10% 10%
CAT Scan 27,50(5) 27,50 27,50
Magnetic Resonance Imaging 65,00(5) 65,00 65,00
(per medical intervention)
- 15,00 (7) 15,00 (7)
Dental Médis Clinic (per medical intervention) - 10,00 (7) 10,00 (7)
Other exams 10%(5) 10% 10%
Surgeries and other medical procedures in outpatient care 10%(5) 10% 10%
Oncology - Psychological support - € 10 per consultation € 10 per consultation
Oncology - Home nursing - € 10 by use € 10 by use
Outpatient 50,00 (9) - -
International - Other Clinics - - 1.500,00 per household/year

(1) Service provided by the Clínica Universitária de Navarra, available through Médis Line.
(2) Cleaning and personal hygiene services, babysitting and physiotherapy services
(3) All Medical Expenses covered by this cover will only be accepted if services were rendered in the Network of Providers agreed outside the national territory. The Serious Illnesses under this coverage are listed in contractual terms.
(4) Médis clients who have taken out Options 1 or 2 (options without international coverage) will have access to a 15% discount on Appointments and Diagnostic Centers at the Navarra University Clinic.
(5) Applies when the optional Outpatient coverage has been taken out.
(6) After co-payments.
(7) Applies when the optional Dental coverage has been taken out.
(8) Primary health care appointments: General and Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, Gynaecology/Obstetrics and Ophthalmology.
(9) Applies when the optional Outpatient Assistance coverage with € 1.000 has been taken out, except Online Doctor which has no deductible.

Information on International Cover (available in option 3):

  • The International Coverage offers you access to prestigious international institutions that have agreements with Médis. You can also choose any other institution of your interest.

Amounts in Euro  

Institutions Capital Subsidies
Navarra University Clinic (Spain) (10) Unlimited 100%
Barcelona Medical Centre 75,000.00 80%
Deutsche Herzzentrum Berlin (Germany) 80%
Johns Hopkins (EUA) 80%
Other (11) 60%

(10) Médis will pay all previously authorised health expenses and, in case of hospitalisation, will also pay the insured person and companion's travel expenses regarding airplane (economy class), train or car trips (only includes petrol, tolls and accommodation for one night for the trip to the institution and another night for the trip back).
(11) € 1,500.00 deductible per household/year.

Amounts in the table above refer to the maximum amounts covered by Médis per annuity and per insured person, for the stated covers.

Membership and upper age limits

Option 1 and Option 2

  • The age limit for taking out this plan is 64;
  • The upper age limit for staying in the plan is 65. However, if you take the plan out before you turn 55, there is no upper age limit.

Option 3

  • The age limit for taking out this plan is 64;
  • No upper age limit.

Note:  Newborn babies can be instantly included in their parents' health plan.

Waiting Periods

The waiting period is the time comprised between the date the Insurance begins and the date when the covers may be triggered. They are:

  • 60 days for Outpatient Assistance, Dental and Oncology - Prostheses and Orthoses;
  • 90 days for Inpatient;
  • 180 days for:
    • Serious Illness Coverage;
    • Surgical or other invasive treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy, benign uterus condition, cystocele and rectocele;
  • 365 days for:
    • Birth
    • Surgical treatment of varicose veins of lower members and of herniated disk;
    • Haemorrhoidectomy and other haemorrhoid treatments as well as the treatment of the perianal fistula;
    • Treatment of joint pathology by arthroscopy;
    • Tonsillectomy, adenoidectomy, myringotomy with or without ventilating tubes;
    • Septoplasty, rhino septoplasty and surgical treatment for sleep apnoea;
    • Surgical excision of cutaneous or subcutaneous benign lesions and laser treatments of benign skin lesions.

This information does not exclude the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

How to subscribe

Millennium bcp Clients

Millennium bcp offers three different ways of taking out a Médis Health Plan:

1. Online Enrolment (available soon);

2. By post (you must print, fill in and send the forms). To send us your application you must:

Important: you must fill in one Medical Questionnaire per insured person.

  • 2.3. Send the forms to:
    Tagus Park, Edif. 10 - Piso 0
    2744-002 Porto Salvo

3. At any Millennium bcp branch.

Clients holding accounts at other banks

Choose one of the options Millennium bcp gives you of taking out a Médis Health Plan:

1.By post (you must print, fill in and send the forms). To take out our plan you must:

Important: you must fill in one Medical Questionnaire per insured person.

  • 1.3. Send the forms to:
    Ocidental Seguros
    Tagus Park, Edif. 10 - Piso 0
    2744-002 Porto Salvo
  • 1.4. Enclose copy of personal identification documents for each insured person (e.g. ID and Taxpayer card).

2. At any Millennium bcp branch.

You can obtain more information by ringing our Phone Banking helpline.

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