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Take out a Pétis Insurance and benefit of 7.5% discount
valid for the entire contract period.
Special offer only applies to the online quotes and insurance taken out
on the Millennium bcp website till 31/03/2022.


When the time comes to choose an insurance to make your pets happy and healthy, you should see all the benefits that come with Pétis:

10% discount for the entire duration of the policy 10% discount for the entire duration of the policy

Now you can associate several animals to a single policy and get higher discounts. Get 5% discount if you insure up to 2 or 3 animals and 10% if you insure 4 or more.

Insurance coverage in the entire country Insurance coverage in the entire country

If your pet is sick or had an accident, you can take it to any veterinarian in Portugal. You can also get insurance abroad by subscribing to the optional coverage Territorial Extension of Care.

Protection and Calm Protection and Calm

Animals are sometimes unpredictable, but expenses with them do not have to be. Make sure you have financial and legal protection in case of damages to third parties.

4 Options for different protection levels (BASE, PLUS, PLATINA and PREMIUM) 4 Options for different protection levels (BASE, PLUS, PLATINA and PREMIUM)

Pétis gives you the best protection for your family pets.​


Options and Premiums

Pétis - House Pets
  Options / Monthly Premiums
  BASIC PLUS Platinum Premium
Pétis - House Pets - 9.61 € 14.97 € 20.05 €
Dogs of potentially dangerous breeds 7.00 € 14.25 € 19.23 € 23.79 €

The cost of the policy, 5.45€ (including legal charges), will be added to the first payment.

Premium amounts are merely representative, applicable to a 5 year-old Labrador Retriever and a 4 year-old Rottweiler.

The premiums above already include 10% instalment charges.


Base Cover

Civil Liability Civil Liability

Civil Liability of the proponent for indemnities which, in accordance with the Law, may be required of him/her for losses and/or damages incurred by third parties caused by the animals owned or held by him/her.

Veterinary Care and Medication Veterinary Care and Medication

The payment of compensations can be made through reimbursement of the veterinary and pharmaceutical costs, less the amount of the excess payment, incurred with the insured animal, due to accident or illness, surgeries, treatment, namely resulting from complications due to delivery and spontaneous abortion, veterinary doctor fees, x rays and clinical analyses, placement in cattery or kennel.

You may also access to a providers network where you do not need to pay if the consultation / treatment is within the policy compensation limits (exception made to the excess payment). It is also possible to access discounts in products or services not covered by the insurance, with discounts on the listed prices, to be confirmed at the veterinary clinic (Ex: vaccines, consultations, routine examinations, veterinary services non-covered by the insurance, rations, aesthetics products, etc).

You may see the network of Veterinary Clinics here.

Legal Defence Legal Defence

Payment of expenses (fees and judicial costs) with penal or civil proceedings due to damages to property and personal injuries caused by and to the insured animal.

Pet Search Pet Search

Based on the information and selection criteria the insured person indicates, we can make inquiries to verified entities and suppliers and provide information on animals that match them.

Caring for the Insured Animal Caring for the Insured Animal

If the Insured Person is admitted to a hospital, following a sudden illness or accident, for more than 2 days and the provision of the necessary care to the animal is not possible, the insurance company, through the Assistance Service, will pay the boarding of the insured animal at a kennel, up to the limit established in the Special Conditions.

Finding a missing animal Finding a missing animal

The Insurance Company shall bear the costs of:

  • Sending the news to a newspaper with national coverage to be published for the maximum period of one week;
  • Contacting up to five national entities working with animals, such as animal protection organizations;
  • Researching information in specialized databases from qualified suppliers.

General Information General Information

Provision of information about clinics, breeders, house help, transportation, cat and dog hotels, animal adoption and much more, everything to do with the animal world.

Funeral Services Funeral Services

Formalities with the arrangement of the funeral service if the insured animal passes away.

Capital and Excess options

Pétis - House Pets
Base Cover Capital and Options
Base Plus Platinum Premium
Civil Liability 50,000 € 50,000 €
Excess 10% min 150€ Max 500€ per incident
Veterinary Care and Medication - 165 € per Incident 300 € per Incident 500 € per Incident
Excess 10% min 25€ per incident 600 € / Year 1,200 € / Year 2,200 € / Year
Legal Defence - 500 €/ Incident and Year
Pet Search - 500 € / Year
Animal Care - Unlimited Capital up to 5 days
Finding a Missing Animal - 500 € / Year
General Information - No limits
Funeral Services - No limits

Base* Plus, Platinum and Premium Options
Optional Covers House Pets House Pets Dangerous Dog Breeds
Participation in Competitions and Shows Available Available Unavailable
Territorial Extension of Civil Liability - Spain Available Available Unavailable
Hunting Extension Unavailable Available Unavailable
Territorial Extension of Care Unavailable Available Available

*In the option BASE the subscription cannot be extended to potentially dangerous animals or to a dangerous animal.

Without prejudice to the prior payment of the due premium, the risk coverage begins:
a) for accident claims, from the contract start date;
b)for illness claims, 90 days after the contract start date;

Conditions for Subscription
Under Pétis, you may only insure pets that at the subscription date:

  • Are over 4 weeks and under 10 years old (option BASE);
  • Are over 4 weeks and under 7 years old (options PLUS, PLATINA AND PREMIUM);
  • Are in good health and are not injured or disabled;
  • Have an up-to-date vaccination record.

Dogs of Dangerous Breeds
The Policyholders must also have a licence issued by the Parish.

Under this insurance and under the terms of applicable law, the following breeds are considered dangerous:

  • Fila Brasileiro or Brazilian Mastiff;
  • Dogo Argentino or Argentine Mastiff;
  • Pit Bull Terrier;
  • Rottweiler;
  • American Staffordshire Terrier;
  • Staffordshire Bull Terrier;
  • Tosa Inu.

For other situations, please contact your local Branch.

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.


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