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Protection 55 - 85

Protection 55 - 85

Especially for you.


Personal Protection insurance that provides you with:

  • Protection: since accidents do happen, if you are faced with a situation of hospitalization or personal injury caused by an accident, you should guarantee the payment of an indemnity.
  • Broad scope: the coverage of the 55-85 Protection covers the accidents suffered by the Insured Person, 24 hours a day, in Portugal or abroad, at leisure or at work.
  • Coverages adapted to the segment:
    Médis Family Line: provides specialized technical support for the entire household , given by nurses that perform a clinical triage in case of illness or accident. Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
    Telecuidado: important coverage in case of illness or accident for seniors with limited autonomy, living alone or with another senior. This coverage gives you access to: An adapted mobile phone adapted to seniors with a panic button and unlocked to all networks; a website that allows you to remotely manage your phone and configure all the features of the service, with the full support of a technical phone line to configure the features, as well as support and control of extracted health indicators (eg blood pressure, glucose and weight); Finding the Insured Person using GPS, if necessary.
  • MSeguros App: Access to your insurance portfolio anytime and anywhere. With the MSeguros App, available for Apple and AndroidTM smartphones, viewing your policies was never easier.
  • Optional cover Pack Bicycles: that enables you to increase protection in case of an accident involving your bicycle and/or you (a set of 10 services, valid 24/7).

Fees and Commission

Options and prices

Covers Essential Top
Base Monthly Premium
Death € 6.67 € 19.00
Bodily Injuries expenses
Assistance to Senior Individuals
Médis Family Line
Optional Monthly Premium
Hospitalization expenses € 0.84 € 2.10
Telecuidado € 14.40 € 14.40
Funeral Expenses € 0.13 € 0.27
Family Civil Liability € 1.44 € 2.88
Pack Bicycles € 0.36

Cumulative Premiums.
A € 5.38 policy fee (includes legal charges) will be added to the first payment.


Coverages (summary)

Bodily Injuries expenses
Payment of a corresponding indemnity dependent on the age of the Insured Person at the time of the accident and on the table of coverages and guarantees specific to the 55-85 Personal Accidents Insurance Protection, which is included in the respective Special Conditions.

Hospitalization Expenses
Expenses related to hospitalization resulting from an accident will be reimbursed, provided that they arise within 90 days of the accident.

Payment of the guaranteed capital, due to the death of the Insured Person as a consequence of Accident, to the beneficiary indicated in the proposal or, lacking that information, to the legal heirs.

Assistance to Senior Individuals
Several guarantees, such as: Medical, medication and hospitalization expenses abroad, Physiotherapy and Nursing Services at home, due to sudden illness or accident, Check-up discount, Domestic Help. If an incident occurs, the Insured Person or his/her legal representative, should contact the assistance services through the Phone Line (+351) 210347940.

Médis Family Line
Specialized phone assistance, available 24/7, 365 days /year, where nurses provide permanent counselling and assistance on Health Care issues. This service can also work together with the assistance provider, by triggering the warranty of home medical insurance.
If an incident occurs, the Insured Person or his/her legal representative, should contact the assistance services through the Phone Line (+351) 210347940.

Daily assistance service to the Insured Person, by means of a mobile phone adapted to senior citizens. Includes the Management of emergency situations and also the monitoring of their health condition. Ensures the provision of support, comfort and safety of the Insured Individual and eventually to the Insurance Holder (if it is a different person).

Funeral expenses
Reimbursement of the funeral expenses.

Family Civil Liability
Guarantees the payment of indemnities arising from civil liability  resulting from body injuries and material damages to third-parties, by any member of the Insured Person’s household.

Cover Pack Bicycles
A Special cover including a set of 10 assistance services, with several indemnity limits, available 24/7.
Namely Transportation in case of Accident, Replacement Bicycle, Damages in Clothing and Footwear, Legal Protection, transportation to an Hospital, and Safekeeping of the Bicycle, if necessary.


Covers Essential Top Amount paid by the Insurance Holder
Base Capital Capital  
Death € 10.000 € 50.000 No excess
Bodily injuries € 5.000 € 7.500 No excess
Assistance to Senior Individuals As per Special Conditions
Médis Family Line As per Special Conditions
Optional Covers Quarterly Premium  
Hospitalization € 1.000 € 2.500 No excess
Telecuidado As per Special Conditions
Funeral Expenses € 1.500 € 3.000 No excess
Family Civil Liability € 25.000 € 50.000 10% on the value of the indemnity with a € 150 minimum
Pack Bicycles As per Special Conditions


Age Limit:

Subscription: the Insured Person must be between 55 and 79 years old (the Policy Holder must be an adult).

Permanence: up to 85 years old.

By the end of the year when the insured person completes 80 years, the capital of all the coverages goes down 50%, exception made to the Assistance to Senior Individuals and Telecuidado which remain unchanged, together with the remaining conditions.

This information does not dispense with the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

For further information, carefully read the General Conditions and Specific of the 55-85 Protection Insurance.

How to subscribe

Choose one of the two possibilities that Millennium bcp gives you to purchase the 55-85 Protection Insurance:

1. By mail

For that purpose, you shall have to:

Send the Proposal to the following address:

Ocidental Seguros
Tagus Park, Edif. 10 - Piso 1
2744-005 Porto Salvo

2. AT any Millennium bcp branch

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