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 Personal and Golf Insurance

Personal and Golf Insurance

The proper protection for your favourite sport.


A Personal Accident insurance policy that offers:

  •  Wide Coverage: you may choose between 2 different cover options and sums insured for job-related and non-job-related risks, including Death or Permanent Disability, and Treatment Expenses and Repatriation and Personal Assistance covers in the event of accident. Of course, on top of that you also get all the protection you need for playing Golf (from Public liability to a Hole-in-One after round of drinks!).
  •  Ample geographic cover: because we spend most of our lives moving from one place to the next, Personal and Golf Insurance is valid worldwide.
  •  Job and non-job-related coverage: whether on holiday or at work, you can always count on this insurance.
  •  Fixed cost throughout term of contract: The cost of your Personal and Golf Insurance won't change as you grow older. You always know how much you're going to pay.

Fees and Commission

Options and Premiums

Option Covers Premiums vary with payment frequency
    Monthly Quarterly Half-yearly Yearly
1 Basic € 13.71 € 39.63 € 77.03 € 146.70
Hospital Allowance € 2.09 € 6.06 € 11.82 € 22.50
2 Basic € 26.01 € 75.31 € 146.46 € 278.96
Hospital Allowance € 4.22 € 12.14 € 23.66 € 45.00

Premiums for Basic and Hospital Allowance covers are cumulative.

Your first receipt will include a policy issuing cost of € 5.38 (includes legal charges).


Covers and Sums insured

Covers   Option 1 Option 2
    Sum insured Deductibles Sum insured Deductibles
Death or Permanent Disability Basic € 50,000 (1) € 100,000 (1)
Treatment and Repatriation Expenses from Accident Basic € 5,000 € 500 (3) € 10,000 € 1,000  (3)
Personal Assistance in the event of Accident Basic As in
Special Terms
As in
Special Terms
Golf Public Liability Basic € 50,000 No deductible € 100,000 No deductible
Golf Equipment:
- Loss and Damage (2)
- Theft at the Club (2)
- Theft during transportation on own vehicle (3)
Basic -
€ 1,250
€ 1,250
€ 1,250
€ 125 (3)
€ 125  (3)
€ 125 (3)
€ 1,500
€ 2,500
€ 2,500
€ 125  (3)
€ 125  (3)
€ 125  (3)
Caddy Treatment Expenses Basic € 750 Sem franquia € 750 Sem franquia
Hole-In-One Basic € 500 Sem franquia € 750 Sem franquia
Hospital Allowance(4)(optional) Option € 25/day 4 days (3) € 50/day 4 days (3)

(1) Degrees of disability as established in the Civil Law table.
(2) Maximum limit of € 400 per golf club in the event of Loss and Damage and of € 50 for remaining  covers.
(3) Deductibles per claim.
(4) Maximum limit of 360 days.

  • Permanent Disability from Accident or Death by Accident
    a lump sum will be paid out in the event of Death, as detailed in the Additional Terms and Conditions. In the event of Permanent Disability, compensation is calculated according to the Portuguese Permanent Disability Table under Civil Law, provided the degree of disability is 50% or above, in which case it will be paid out as 100%.
  • Treatment and Repatriation Expenses from Accident
    Personal and Golf Insurance will refund repatriation to Portugal and injury treatment costs in the event of accident in Portugal or abroad, up to the limit established in the Additional Terms & Conditions.
  • Personal Assistance in the event of Accident
    wide coverage in the event of accident, in Portugal or abroad, under the terms of the Personal and Golf Insurance Special Terms and Conditions(*).
  • Golf Public Liability
    we'll pay compensation, up to the limit established in the Additional Terms and Conditions, for non-contractual public liability resulting from personal injury and/or material damage caused to others by the Insured while playing amateur Golf in Portugal (mainland and islands).
  • Golf Equipment:
    • Loss or damage to equipment while playing golf within the green;
    • Theft of equipment within Club facilities or when transported in own car.
  • Caddy treatment expenses - from accident during a golf game.
  • Hole-In-One - we'll cover the traditional round of drinks at the bar if you make a hole-in-one.

You may also take out the following optional cover:

  • Hospital Allowance
    if you are hospitalised as a result of covered accident, a daily allowance will be paid out up to the limits established in the Terms and Conditions.

Membership and upper age limits

Enrolment - insured person must be 18 to 69.

Upper age limit - none, provided you take out the insurance before you reach 55. If you've taken out the plan after reaching 55, all cover ceases at 70.

For further information, read the Special* and General* Terms and Conditions of Personal and Golf Insurance

(*) Transactions/information in Portuguese will soon be available in English.

This information does not exclude the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

How to subscribe

1. By Post

You need to:

Send the Proposal to:

Ocidental Seguros
Tagus Park, Edif. 10 - Piso 1
2744-005 Porto Salvo

2. At any Millennium bcp branch.

(*) Transactions/information in Portuguese will soon be available in English.

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