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Travel Protection


Take out a Travel Protection Insurance – Annual Option and benefit of 7.5% discount
valid for the entire contract period.
Special offer only applies to the online quotes and insurance taken out
on Millennium bcp website till 31/03/2022.

Personal Accident Travel Insurance that offers:

  • Protection in the event of accident anywhere in the world;
  • Coverage against unpleasant travel contingencies such as delayed flights, medical expenses, stolen luggage, etc.

Fees and Commission

The premium of the Travel Protection insurance (annual and day-by-day options) varies according to the capital/ covers chosen and the trip's destination.


Options, Covers and Sums

Covers Sums insured
(per Policyholder)
Death and Permanent Disability Basic Min. € 20,000;
Max € 500,000
No deductible
Personal Assistance Basic As stated in the Special Terms and Conditions
Treatment Expenses and Repatriation Option Max. 10% Death and Disability sum insured with a limit of € 5,000 No deductible
Public Liability Option Maximum € 5,000 10% Min € 150
Daily Hospital Allowance Option Maximum € 50 per day 3 days
Personal Luggage Option Max. 10% Death and Disability sum insured with a limit of € 5,000 No deductible
Winter sports (Skiing / Snowboarding) Option Of related cover

You can choose between two options:

  • Annual Option: ideal for the frequent traveller, who'll be protected 365 days per year, with no need to take out insurance each time you travel;
  • Day-to-Day Option:  insurance for a specific trip.

Available covers

We'll cover accidents that have occurred during a trip anywhere in the world (with the exception of countries at risk of war or conflict, unless expressly accepted by the insurer), including your stay, as a result of:

  • Death and Permanent Disability - Lump sum paid to beneficiaries on death of the insured. In the event of Permanent Disability, the insured will receive a lump sum compensation, calculated on the clinically-proven degree of disability as established in the Portuguese Permanent Disability Table under Civil Law.

Death and Permanent Disability covers are cumulable.

  • Travel Assistance - includes refund for Medical, Surgical, Pharmaceutical and Hospitalisation Expenses abroad, plus Medical Examinations, Repatriation or Sanitary Transport, attending Insured Person, urgent shipping of Medicine Abroad, and Emergency Medical Information, as well as a Subsidy for Trip Cancellation or Disruption and Flight Delay;

You may complete your protection with the following covers:

  • Treatment and Repatriation Expenses - ensures refund of repatriation expenses to Portugal and expenses incurred with the treatment of injuries on account of accident during travel;
  • Personal Luggage
    The Insurance Company commits to provide a cash compensation to the Insured Person, up to the threshold established for that purpose in the Specific Conditions, Individual Certificate or additional minutes, for damages due to fire, theft or mishandling of luggage while in a trip. In case of fire and luggage mishandling, the risk is guaranteed while the luggage is under the responsibility of the transportation company or stored in hotels or airports. Theft comprises the removal of the insured baggage by violence or breaking in.
    The personal luggage cover may also include special objects (exclusively cameras and film cameras) identified in the insurance proposal. The maximum cover per Insured Person corresponds to 50% of the Luggage Capital, without damaging the application of the €500 sub-limit per object under this cover.
    Luggage means: clothes and objects of personal hygiene usually carried during a trip, together with the respective suitcases, bags or similar volumes. The compensation involves a sub-limit amounting to 500 € per object or volume.
  • Winter sports (Skiing / Snowboarding) - lump sum payment of respective covers, in the event of accident occurring during the trip, resulting from amateur skiing (without jumps) and snowboarding;
  • Public Liability - We'll pay compensation for non-contractual liability attributable to the insured on account of actions carried out in the context of the insured's private life while travelling or staying abroad, which result in personal injury or material damage to others;
  • Daily Hospital Allowance - In the event of temporary total disability, the insured shall be paid a daily allowance for hospitalisation periods of over four and under 360 days.

This information does not exclude the reading of the legally required pre-contractual and contractual information.

For further information, please read the General and Special Terms & Conditions.

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