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The App Millennium for equipments with an iOS Apple Operating System has a new tool: the Finance Manager.

Go now to the App Store through your Apple computer or device and download the new version of the App Millennium with Finance Manager, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

What is a QR Code
and how do I use it?

A QR Code is a barcode that can be read using your mobile phone's camera and a QR-code reading application, and which automatically directs the user to a website or a webpage to install certain software.
When you search your mobile phone's software store for QR Codes, you'll find a number of applications that will allow you to read this type of code.

The version of the App Millennium with Finance Manager is already available for download for Apple devices. This new and innovative tool enables you to change the way you look at your expenses and gives you the opportunity of managing your monthly budget in a more efficient manner.


 With the Finance Manager your accounts and respective debits and credits will be automatically organized per categories in real time so that you are always informed on how much you spend and where. All entries are classified into 15 major categories such as Supermarket, Transportation; Home expenses, Communications, among other.

 Through a simple button you may also create budgets and control the categories where you are spending more money and those where you are spending less.

Watch the video (Portuguese) of the User Guide or click here to read the User Guide (Portuguese) for the Finance Manager of the App Millennium.

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